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Very nice shave cream
Good lather, smooth shave and very pleasant smell.
New favourite
I was introduced to DE razors just 2½ years ago. In 35 years of shaving, I had been through 3 electrics and countless cartridges with between 2 and 5 blades. Just received this beauty last week. The heavy head takes a little adjustment time, but it is very forgiving. This razor (with a Personna Red blade) easily provides the smoothest shave that I have ever experienced. Not very aggressive, but enough that a good shave only requires 2 passes. The handle is just the right size for my wide hands. In addition to the high quality, this razor is simply a work of art.
Nice heavy weight, beautiful finish.
Nice heavy weight, beautiful finish. My new favorite!
Excellent Shaving Brush
I own this Jagger Super Badger along with a Simpson's Duke Best Badger. I love my Simpson's Duke but wanted to experience a super badger brush. I prefer my Duke to this brush, but that is probably an unfair comparison. In my opinion, Simpson brushes are in a class by themselves. That being said, the Jagger Super Badger is a great brush, especially for the price. If you purchase it, I don't think you will be disappointed.
Close Shave
This is a quality stand that looks richer than most of the metal stands on the market.It is high quality and does the job.
A very fine product
Another fine sandalwood product option for me.
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