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Choosing your shaving gear is very personal for some men. There is no such thing as 'just a razor' or 'just a brush." Everything has to be just right from a quality and an aesthetic standpoint. Thus, it's only natural that a high quality option, such as the chrome lined Edwin Jagger 3-Piece DE Shaving Set, is so popular with men today. It features some great tools that are as beautiful as they are functional. Let's look at everything it contains.

First, you will have the DE89L Razor, along with a pack of five blades. It also features a shaving brush with pure badger bristles to help create that perfect lather. It comes with a nice stand as well, so you can keep everything in order and looking great. Each of the items is high quality and long lasting as long as you take great care of them. Everything will look stunning when it is sitting on your bathroom counter or shelf, thanks to the beautiful chrome. It bound to work well with just about every style you could possibly imagine!

Brush details:
Total Height: 108mm (4.25 inches)
Loft: 49.59mm (1.95inches)
Knot Diameter: 20.20mm (.79 inches)
Hair: Pure Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Made in England

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5 o'clock shadow busted
OK, time for me to fess-up, I am 65 years of age and I have never once in my life shaved with a safety razor. This shave kit easily added 6-8 hour onto the 5 o'clock shadow. I never once cut myself nor did I nick, however, do not attack your face, simply allow the weight along with your preferred blade do all the work and you will be just fine. I don a full white goat and let me tell you something?this shaver is most accurate, where you stop the blade is where the hair line ends and there will be no need to return to this spot again. Absolutely and with out a doubt the closest and best shave ever and I've been shaving for quite some time. Now I need to figure out why these 2-3-4-and 5 blade shavers even exist. West Coast Shaving? I truly need to thank you for making it happen, Thank you. (need more stars to rate this item)
I just had the BEST shave of my life with this set. I have used various wet shaving methods and the most consistent is using a DE razor and this is of the best available in my opinion. Excellent balance and supreme accuracy. To add a cherry to this sundae, West Coast Shaving's service was A1! Prompt, accurate and even threw in some samples which I particularly enjoyed. Bottom line, if you are a man and you groom... West Coast Shaving is the way to go.
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