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Edwin Jagger double edge safety razors are engineered to offer the best in balanced design. The DE87 is a superb performer with a chrome-plated head weighted perfectly to do all the work of a close comfortable shave and handsome imitation ivory handle that looks great on display. While the price of this razor is entry level, the shave and feel of it is anything but. This is a great investment piece that will last through the years, making this a favorite among beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. This is a traditional 3-piece razor that works with all DE blades.

Total length: 3.7 inches (9.5 cm)
Handle length: 3.3 inches (8.5 cm)

Made in England.
Product Reviews
This is a lovely well balanced razor that gave me the closest shave ive ever had,using T and Hill and Merkur Platinun blades.The only drawback was I had to give it some respect,and iam a Merkur boy [6] and with these razors I don't have to think too much,so a top razor but demands some respect !!!
Great Razor for the Beginner
I purchased this razor 3 weeks ago along with the blade sample pack. This Razor is high quality and easy to achieve the proper shaving angle for the beginner. I would highly recommend this razor to anyone interested in picking up the art of wet shaving.
Best Shave Ever!
I just received the EJ DE87 as a Christmas gift. I've never used anything but Gillette DE razors and honestly did not expect the EJ to be much different than my Slim Ajustable, but was I wrong! With a new Astra Superion Platinum blade, this razor gave me a closer and more comfortable shave than I've had in fifty years! No wonder these Jagger razors rate 5 STARS consistently. I still love my collection of old Gillettes but for shaving the Jagger must take a bow! I recommened this razor highly!
Im 18 and i wanted to try a traditional shaver because the multiblades were expensive and were tearing up my skin. This was THE best shave ive ever had. And i looked like a badass in my lockerroom. My football team will be ordering from this site.
Everyday Razor
I figured this was a good razor but for the price I didnt expect it to be of this calibre. My vintage Gillettes are officialy retired. This razor shaves as close as any ive used and is very smooth in the process.
Quality DE Shaver
As a newbie to DE shaving this was the first safety razor that I obtained and I love it. It is a great DE razor with quality, balance, and performance, and one that is visually appealing. I would recommend it to anyone who is new to DE shaving. The only minor complaint that I have with this model is that the imitation ivory colored polyester can crack if misused (i.e. dropped). Either way, if you decide to purchase it simply be mindful of the mid piece.