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Edwin Jagger DE89 is a beautiful and well-made safety razor from a trusted name. The head and body are both chrome plated, which will add a classic, elegant style to any wet shaving regimen. It has has been engineered with a perfect handle to head balance that provides a very close, comfortable shave with every use. And the affordable price level for the DE89 is ideal for beginners and experts alike. This is a traditional three piece safety razor that works with all DE blades.

At some point in the past, Edwin Jagger modified their model numbers. This razor also goes by the number DE89LBL.

Overall length: 3.7 inches (9.5 cm)
Handle length: 3.3 inches (8.5 cm) 

Made in England.

Product Reviews
Huge improvement from Micro Touch One!
Just got this today and using the same blades as my Micro Touch One (a nice butterfly razor) and I noticed an immediate improvement. Not only were my sensitive neck areas not irritated, the shave was very smooth. The weight, balance and look of this razor is amazing. Don't let the smooth chrome scare you away. I have not had any issues with the handle being slippery. This may be due to how well the razor balances in my hand as well as the edge of the handle sits inside my palm. I'm glad I didn't get the lined version as the chrome on this is gorgeous. This is an excellent tool.
Great Razor
This has been my go to razor for almost a year. It gives me great shaves and is very easy to use. This was my second razor I bought when I started wet shaving a year ago after years of using disposables and electric razors. I've never looked back and this is only the second razor I've bought.
An Excellent Choice....
I decided to upgrade my safety razor and was really undecided so I bought this one and it has really held up its reputation. The finish is beyond belief and the shaves have been epic. If you're looking at getting into DE shaving or looking for an upgrade, then this is your razor. I will be buying more for Xmas.
Excellent fit and finish and a great shaver
Well made and shaves very comfortably. Not too agressive, but will give a very close shave. I believe this one is designed by Muehle. I've had mine for over 3 years. Great product.
In a class all its own
I'm not sure what the reviewer below was doing with this razor but, as with any 3 piece razor, if you are very forceful and not careful when you are assembling this razor, you will damage the threads. The machining of the DE89 is a thing of beauty and completely flawless. From top to bottom it is a clinic in engineering perfection, and it provides arguably one of the finest shaves of razors in its class, as well as in classes of razors double and triple the cost.
Appearance is the only good thing.
I bought this razor expecting to last a lifetime. But the thread got damaged within the first few month then it's all down hill from there. I managed to use it for two years, now the head and the handle are hanging on a worn out thread by just one turn. I cut myself often with this razor when a blade is new. Blade doesn't last a long time either, but if I put that blade in my $5 antique Gillette butterfly razor, it works like a champ. So all I can say is Edwin Jagger is overrated much like many British cars that look good but perform less than what you would expect.
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