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  • A first-class razor from a first-rate company
  • Lighter, newly balanced so the razor does all the work
  • Takes all your favorite DE blades

Every man can appreciate the importance of a close, clean shave. If you are a classic wet shaver, you know how essential it is to invest in quality shaving tools. You know that it is not just creams and splashes that take care of your skin; it is also imperative that your shaver is as impressive as your skin products. This is why smart men choose a razor that is tailor-made for comfort, seamless usability, and style: smart men choose Edwin Jagger. 

If you loved the DE89, then you’ll love the upgrades that they’ve made to your favorite Double Edge even more! Your favorite company has now updated your favorite shaving tool to the Edwin Jagger DE8911 Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome. 

Edwin Jagger adjusted:

  • the weight - It is lighter than the original DE design 
  • the overall balance - It is now closer to the head
  • the handle - It has rounded end caps 

Shaving is easy as pie, as the weight of the razor does all the work for you. Worried about cuts due to accidental grip slips? No worries; the handle is chrome plated with just the right friction to avoid any mishaps. This three-piece traditional DE still takes all your favorite blades. 

Overall length: 3.7 inches (9.5 cm) 

Handle Length: 3.3 inches (8.5 cm) 

Weight: 2.65 oz 

Made in England