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The new 2011 range of exclusively designed, manufactured Edwin Jagger safety razors provides traditional wet shavers with an opportunity to purchase a safety razor, slightly lighter than the original Edwin Jagger DE design with the balance weighted slightly further down the handle (Towards the head) compared to our 2009 designs.

The handle is chrome plated with the Barley finish which gives the razor great balance and lets the weight of the head do all the work.  A three piece traditional razor which works with all double edge razor blades.  Packaged in a handsome presentation box.

Overall length: 3.7 inches (9.5 cm)
Handle length: 3.3 inches (8.5 cm)

Made in England.
Product Reviews
Great Shave Great People
Ok, relatively new to DE wet razor, been using straight razor - when i visited store saw this razor and had to try it. Wow, I need to go back and pick up another one! Kevin and Christine are great people and wonderful selection. When i visited the store it was like a high end jewelry store - will go back.
You need this razor
Awesome razor guys. Chrome is flawless and the weight is impressively balanced. Grip is solid wet or dry. This is my first DE razor and I am so happy to have picked such a quality piece.
Very. Nice. Razor
I bought this last fall when getting back into DE shaving after nearly fifty years. My first shaves were with my father's Gillette when I was 14 but it wasn't long before I was using a cartridge razor. As expected. there was a bit of a learning curve with this change,but the months of practice, coupled with acquiring and trying a few other DE razors both vintage and contemporary have given me an appreciation of how nice this razor is. Hefty and well balanced, when coupled with the right blade for your face it will provide a very close yet comfortable shave time after time.
Nice Razor but...
Loved the shave it gave me over the past year. One complaint is that the the screw broke off on the head while I was putting it together.
im new to wet shaving only used this razor twice i know its early to write a review but compared to using all the other razors this razor is great i like the feel of it and the weight of the razor does all the work for you to be honest i was scared to use it at first i didnt know if i was going to slice up my face but i was carfull using it ,its worth buying what a great shave this razor gives ill post another review down the road
Beginner here and I just used this razor for the first time. AMAZING! Words cannot describe how beautiful this piece of metal really is. It looks very expensive and is extremely sturdy. The weight is just right and the razor seems perfectly balanced to give you the control rather than succumbing to tradition of DE razor style. Obviously, be cautious of your technique. Seems everyone agrees that this is a mild safety razor but that's great considering functionality is not impaired. Cannot recommend enough!
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