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Do you have sensitive or normal skin for that matter? When you are getting ready to take off your beard or just a bit of stubble, you want to get your face ready for the job first. A big part of that will be having the best quality pre-shave lotion. This helps to get your beard ready to shave by providing a nice and smooth glide for the razor as it slips across your skin. How does this help you? If you've ever had a case of razor burn, the benefits are immediately obvious. This will make sure that you have an easy and pain free experience.

Something that you will want to keep in mind with this Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre Shave Lotion is that even though it is fragrance free, it does contain menthol. However, menthol, even though it has a scent, is not a perfumed fragrance. While you will smell a bit of menthol with the product, the scent is not too overpowering, and it does help to give you a nice and fresh feeling. This is an ideal product for those who hate shaving because of the pain that it can sometimes cause their skin. It's a solid addition to your shave accessories.

Size: 75ml

Made in England.

Product Reviews
Pretty Underwhelming
For me, this stuff just isn't seeming worth it. I was looking to add some good slickness, but it just goes on like a lotion, absorbs into the skin, and doesn't really change the shave at all. It actually cools the skin with the menthol, which feels counterproductive to the moisturizing and pore-opening process that the pre shave shower achieves.

I got a pre shave oil instead, and it's been a big improvement for me. Honestly, even applying a post shave balm would add more slickness and hydration to the skin and whiskers.

I'm not saying all the positive reviews on this item are invalid, but for me and my medium thick beard I must shave daily, this just isn't the product for me.
Edwin Jagger pre shave lotion
There are many pre shaves available from WCS , and I'm sure many are excellent products. But I think if you use this Edwin Jagger pre-shave lotion, you will never again shave without it. I can't imagine anything any better.
Good tingle!
This product seems to work well at laying down that layer of "slick" I tend to need! The smell is light and the skin tingle is cool!
I'm never been into pre-shaves just because most of them are just oils and really don't improve the shave. They might make your face feel softer afterwards, but it doesn't make the shave any better. Maybe this one doesn't either, but this product definitely does make the experience better. I guess it's the menthol. Whatever it is, I can't shave without it. It's amazing.
Really terrific stuff
<p>I use both this product and Proraso Pre-Shave Balm on a rotating basis. Every once in a while, I'll throw Cremo Cream into the mix. To me, the Edwin Jagger product is the best of the three. I shave both my face and head. It makes a very nice slick base on the skin under the lather that lasts through multiple passes. Because of the menthol there's a wonderful cooling effect on the skin which I especially notice on my scalp. The razor just glides over the skin. It's well worth the price for the comfortable shave it helps produce.</p>
Good stuff
I'm a straight razor shaver and this stuff is terrific. I use it right after getting out of the shower it has a nice cool feel. Lather up as usual and the blade glides over your face.
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