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Do you have sensitive or normal skin for that matter? When you are getting ready to take off your beard or just a bit of stubble, you want to get your face ready for the job first. A big part of that will be having the best quality pre-shave lotion. This helps to get your beard ready to shave by providing a nice and smooth glide for the razor as it slips across your skin. How does this help you? If you've ever had a case of razor burn, the benefits are immediately obvious. This will make sure that you have an easy and pain free experience.

Something that you will want to keep in mind with this Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre Shave Lotion is that even though it is fragrance free, it does contain menthol. However, menthol, even though it has a scent, is not a perfumed fragrance. While you will smell a bit of menthol with the product, the scent is not too overpowering, and it does help to give you a nice and fresh feeling. This is an ideal product for those who hate shaving because of the pain that it can sometimes cause their skin. It's a solid addition to your shave accessories.

Size: 75ml

Made in England.

Product Reviews
Really terrific stuff
<p>I use both this product and Proraso Pre-Shave Balm on a rotating basis. Every once in a while, I'll throw Cremo Cream into the mix. To me, the Edwin Jagger product is the best of the three. I shave both my face and head. It makes a very nice slick base on the skin under the lather that lasts through multiple passes. Because of the menthol there's a wonderful cooling effect on the skin which I especially notice on my scalp. The razor just glides over the skin. It's well worth the price for the comfortable shave it helps produce.</p>
Good stuff
I'm a straight razor shaver and this stuff is terrific. I use it right after getting out of the shower it has a nice cool feel. Lather up as usual and the blade glides over your face.
What a difference!
Relatively recent DE shaver, after 33 years with a full beard. Found early shaves burning and scraping, even with mild blades and angles. However, the balm and mentholated hydration of this pre-shave made all the difference! Ordered three tubes for all the locations where I shave. Best WCS product I've bought!
One of the best
Don't write many reviews but I had to on this pre-shave. It has a great menthol feel but low odor. This combined with the Orange run soap from Oguala Bay is the perfect combo for me.
Great stuff
Just tried this pre-shave, and lived up to my expectations. The menthol is present but over powering. A little was enough to last for four passes. The shave itself was even, tug free, and burn free. I highly recommend.
Fantastic Product, very refreshing.
As a newbe to wet shaving, I gave this product a try as a part of my initial set up, and I'm glad I did. Initially I did not have anything to compare it to, but none the less, found that it provided a very comfortable shave with a refreshing mentholated cool-kick on the backside of its application. It wasn't until I decided to try a different pre-shave: "Art of Shavings" Pre-shave sandalwood oil , that I really realized how much I enjoyed the Edwin Jagger lotion. The shave oil was okay, but left my skin....well-too oily. With the oil applied, I noticed a huge difference in the way the blade labored across my face; not the case with the Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion. With the lotion applied, it worked naturally in tandem with the lather of the shaving cream (TOBS-Eton College Collection in this case) and provides a BBS result, very smooth. Another benefit was the lingering cool menthol sensation is NOT overpowering and provides the basis for an invigorating aftershave application, again (TOBS Eton College Collection Aftershave splash). A little goes a long way, which makes this purchase a great deal. I am confident any style of shaver out there will enjoy a pre-shave prep with Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion.
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