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Travel in style and know your shaving brush will arrive safely. The Edwin Jagger 81M530 Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush with Silver Aluminum Handle looks great and protects your brush from those rough baggage handlers.  The pure knot will whip up a great lather from your favorite travel soap or cream.

Color: Silver aluminum
Total Height:
Knot Dia:
Hair: Best Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Made in the UK.
Product Reviews
Good Travel Brush
I bought this specifically as a travel brush and it works great. I strongly recommend this as a good value. Other than it's good looks, what makes it so good? Compact size, builds a good lather (not great, but good enough), soft enough (remember this is a travel brush), and reasonably priced compared to other travel brushes. This is probably nit-picky, but to me the only flaw in the design is the drying. The single perforation at the bottom of the handle doesn't provide any airflow to dry the brush when it's packed, this is because the brush knot end sits on top of it and the brush end faces out but doesn't have the opportunity to fan out. If you want the knot to last don't pack it right after a shave. Carrying a rubber band and using that as modified way to hang dry the brush on a knob works as a good way to dry it upside down like a proper brush.
I was a little worried because of the below review, but liked the design (which many seem to share) and color. The knot isn't very dense so it's a bit floppy and being a pure badger it's a touch scritchy... But really not bad! I used it daily before upgrading to a "home brush" as well as for travel, where it really shines. Dries quickly, hasn't shed and works well in general.
Great design but...
Light-weight, well made, great design for travel. The brush unscrews from the case so it can be stored in the case, but the case remains open so the brush dries faster. The only problem is that the brush quality is not great - very scritchy. It does dry faster than better quality badger, but not the most comfortable if you're looking for a soft brush. Also longer brush loft means you'll want to do a paintbrush style application vs. circular. Not bad, but could be a lot better too.
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