Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles

Edwin Jagger razors are a frequently recommended by the staff at West Coast Shaving. We like them because they make a refined and beautiful product that frankly, shaves very well. When you select one of their products you are getting great quality and that is worth a lot these days. They are an English company that has proven themselves through generations of users. It makes shaving a real luxury, not to mention the softness it brings to your skin. There is a reason we have a hard time keeping them on the shelves! Edwin Jagger understands people are different and have different tastes. The variety of finishes and styles of their safety razors is immense, letting us help you select your perfect razor. Cant' decide, check out the DE89L or Chatsworth. The heads have the same geometry and will offer a moderate level of aggressiveness.

Edwin Jagger Reviews
Very nice shave
This is my first classic safety razor, and so I can't do a great comparison with other brands. Still, I'm very happy with this one, and love the classic look of the imitation ivory. More importantly, very happy with the shave I get (so far just using the included Feather blades, and the Lea soap that I bought at the same time as the razor). Very smooth, with no multiple passes. My beard is neither thick nor coarse, and so the very non-aggressive design is perfect for me.
Heavy vs Light?
Decided to try this razor after shaving with the Merkur 15C (open comb) for several years. First thing I noticed is that the EJ is much heavier overall with a heavier head and thicker handle. Still, it is well balanced and the knurled handle looks and feels fantastic. It took me a few shaves to get the angle right and now I get an excellent smooth shave. It isn't as forgiving as the Merkur and not as nimble around the nose and sides of my mouth. I prefer Red Personna blades to the Feather blades that come with it.
Razors are a personal item and every man has his preferences. This one is mine.

Beautiful to look at, this one is uniquely designed. The center of gravity is in the handle, at the briar wood insert, rather than in the razor head. This approximates the engineering concept of a balance beam which swings freely in either direction, perhaps an ideal concept for a razor. The result is a light touch upon the skin, even with a very sharp blade. It provides a smooth, comfortable shave and is noteworthy for delicate work around the mustache and corners of the mouth without drawing blood. The long, tapered handle suits my style, permitting various angles of attack.

This razor, as a stand alone instrument, is all but impossible to find in the United States. My thanks to West Coast Shaving for being a dedicated "stockist"
Smooth shave
Edwin J razors are made in Sheffield England, a city renowned for metal and blades and the razors look good and we'll made. The razor gives a smooth comfortable shave with little if any tugging. Previously used a cheaper razor and the difference is very noticeable, I even get two days extra shaving without feeling the need for a new blade. The u tube clips are a good way of comparing razors, and this razor gets consistently wonderful reviews.ok,the more expensive razors may have a better,build, but EJ razors are excellent value gorgeous quality razors.
Ladies. . . We are missing out!
Was in the tub one day and used my husband's safety razor. . . and immediately had to get my own! It is a great, relaxing experience to lather up with the brush and shave my legs! The shave is infinitely closer, lasts longer and I have fewer nicks/cuts than I did with my 5 blade disposables. It is very cool and classy to see my purple razor and brush in a stand next to my husband's. Men, get one of these for your woman. . . they might not know it, but they will love it!
Excellent Starter Razor
This is the first safety razor I bought when my interest was piqued in wet shaving. It handles well, gets a great shave, and represents an excellent value for the money. In addition, it is made in England, and its quality is apparent from the second you hold it in your hand. I would not hesitate to recommend this razor to anybody.