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Edwin Jagger razors are a frequently recommended by the staff at West Coast Shaving. We like them because they make a refined and beautiful product that frankly, shaves very well. When you select one of their products you are getting great quality and that is worth a lot these days. They are an English company that has proven themselves through generations of users. It makes shaving a real luxury, not to mention the softness it brings to your skin. There is a reason we have a hard time keeping them on the shelves! Edwin Jagger understands people are different and have different tastes. The variety of finishes and styles of their safety razors is immense, letting us help you select your perfect razor. Cant' decide, check out the DE89L or Chatsworth. The heads have the same geometry and will offer a moderate level of aggressiveness.

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Edwin Jagger Safety Razor Reviews
New favourite
I was introduced to DE razors just 2½ years ago. In 35 years of shaving, I had been through 3 electrics and countless cartridges with between 2 and 5 blades. Just received this beauty last week. The heavy head takes a little adjustment time, but it is very forgiving. This razor (with a Personna Red blade) easily provides the smoothest shave that I have ever experienced. Not very aggressive, but enough that a good shave only requires 2 passes. The handle is just the right size for my wide hands. In addition to the high quality, this razor is simply a work of art.
Nice heavy weight, beautiful finish.
Nice heavy weight, beautiful finish. My new favorite!
Excellent Razor !!
This is my second Edwin Jagger razor. This thing handles beautifully.The weight is perfect in the hand and there is plenty of handle. There was no worry of slipping and it shaved like a dream. I am very impressed with E J and considering they are a relative newcomer in the wet shaving arena,I suspect they will be around for a long time if they keep making quality razors like this. At $44.00 I couldn't say no. The faux ivory looks real nice and my other E J razor (DE87) also faux ivory is now my travel razor while this new razor will be great for home use. thanks again West Coast and Edwin Jagger,you never disappoint me .
EJ Razors: The Height of DE Craftsmanship and Quality Control
The first thing I noticed when I removed this razor from its box was its flawless chrome finish and precision construction. Even the Merkurs, which I very much admire, pale in comparison to the artisanship and aesthetics of these EJs. I purchased mine at the West Coast Shaving retail store in Chino, California, so I had the opportunity to examine several examples of the same razor and many of their other EJ razors. I have rarely seen such consistently superb quality control outside of the aerospace industry. In every single example, the fit was tight and precise, and the finish uniformly flawless. I was especially impressed with EJ’s practice of applying perfect, highly polished, blemish-free plating to every surface of the razor, even those "out of the way" places that are only visible when the razor is disassembled. Some other manufacturers, including Merkur, tend to skimp on the finish and plating of the cap bottoms and other less-visible areas. Not Edwin Jagger. This razor is a functional work of art. The result is a tight and precise piece of equipment that, coupled with the right blade, provides a consistently smooth and superior shave. This particular razor came with a 5-pack of Feather High Stainless blades rather than the Derby blades mentioned in the product description. My personal preference is Astra blades, which yielded a smooth, comfortable and incredibly close shave in this razor. The weight and balance of this razor are different from those of the heftier Merkur 34C, and took a little getting-used-to. However, that didn’t take very long. Another advantage of the superior finish is that this razor is extremely easy to keep clean and looking like new. I’m still an enthusiastic admirer of Merkur products, especially the 34C. But in my opinion, this EJ matches their consistently strong performance while besting them in fit, finish, and attention to detail.
Very nice shave
This is my first classic safety razor, and so I can't do a great comparison with other brands. Still, I'm very happy with this one, and love the classic look of the imitation ivory. More importantly, very happy with the shave I get (so far just using the included Feather blades, and the Lea soap that I bought at the same time as the razor). Very smooth, with no multiple passes. My beard is neither thick nor coarse, and so the very non-aggressive design is perfect for me.
Heavy vs Light?
Decided to try this razor after shaving with the Merkur 15C (open comb) for several years. First thing I noticed is that the EJ is much heavier overall with a heavier head and thicker handle. Still, it is well balanced and the knurled handle looks and feels fantastic. It took me a few shaves to get the angle right and now I get an excellent smooth shave. It isn't as forgiving as the Merkur and not as nimble around the nose and sides of my mouth. I prefer Red Personna blades to the Feather blades that come with it.
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