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Edwin Jagger razors are a frequently recommended by the staff at West Coast Shaving. We like them because they make a refined and beautiful product that frankly, shaves very well. When you select one of their products you are getting great quality and that is worth a lot these days. They are an English company that has proven themselves through generations of users. It makes shaving a real luxury, not to mention the softness it brings to your skin. There is a reason we have a hard time keeping them on the shelves! Edwin Jagger understands people are different and have different tastes. The variety of finishes and styles of their safety razors is immense, letting us help you select your perfect razor. Cant' decide, check out the DE89L or Chatsworth. The heads have the same geometry and will offer a moderate level of aggressiveness.

Edwin Jagger Reviews
Excellent Starter Razor
This is the first safety razor I bought when my interest was piqued in wet shaving. It handles well, gets a great shave, and represents an excellent value for the money. In addition, it is made in England, and its quality is apparent from the second you hold it in your hand. I would not hesitate to recommend this razor to anybody.
Nice knurled handle.
This razor has been my entry into wet-shaving. I really like the diamond-knurled handle and the contrast between the black and chrome. When it comes to performance, I am ready to try a razor that is more aggressive than this one. I believe that it is good for a quick shave with a medium razor when you are in a hurry.
Very Happy!
Love the razor! I also have a Merkur 23C and find this one to be more aggressive. For example I use Feather blades in the 23C and get a good shave. I shave with Astra Platinums in the DE89 and get a great shave. Feather blade tear me up with the DE89. HAHA! I recommend it unless you have very sensitive skin. But I don't think its overly aggressive.
Edwin Jagger Long Handle DE Safety Razor (Ivory)
Love it!! I have a number of Edwin Jagger products and they are excellent. The razor has good weight to it and the blade angle is perfect (for me). It's quite classy looking too. I definitely would recommend this particular DE razor, and all the other Edwin Jagger products I have.
Edwin Jagger Extra Long Handle DE Razor, Lined Chrome
Great razor all around. Size, build, finish, feel & shave. A winner.
This is my slow jam.
Package arrived almost a month ago. I never really review things (or give a 5 star review for that matter) but as a head shaver, every day shaving with this is kinda forcing my hand. First and foremost, phenomenal service from West Coast Shaving. Everything arrived well packaged and within a few days. While shaving my entire stupid, balding head with a straight razor every other day for a while made me feel like my testicles were made of Valyrian steel, I was seeking a quicker alternative. Enter this shaver. It feels perfect in my hand; the weight distribution, at least for me, is as flawless as it's nickel plating. It gives a super smooth shave after around 3 passes and I haven't had an issue with a misaligned blade or anything. I'm not really sure what else to say about a razor, as I don't have much reference for review other than an heirloom Gillette old-type that I use once in a blue moon, but I love this thing. I paired it with Jagger's pure badger black and chrome brush and West Coast Shaving's black and chrome stand and they look fantastic next to my toilet! So yeah, buy it and stuff.