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Orders and Payment
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Are you open to the public?

We are certainly open to the public. We are not in your typical retail store, we are actually in a commercial business plaza on the 2nd floor (that way you know what to look for). Our normal walk-in hours are Sunday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. If the items you are interested in show as in-stock on our website, they should be in our store, but we can always double check for you before you make the drive out to visit us. However, we are not able to place products on hold.

Orders and Payment
Can I order over the phone?

You bet! We'd love to talk to you on the phone. Just give us a ring, toll free, at 877-710-6037 Sunday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm Pacific Standard.

Can I change and/or cancel an order once it has been placed.

No, we are unable to change or cancel an existing order.

Can I add to my already existing order?

We do not store credit card information and so cannot make those type of adjustments to your order.

Why were some of my items cancelled?

If it contained alcohol or compressed air we had to cancel that item from your order if it was an international address, as shipping regulations would not allow us to ship such items overseas (a disclaimer should be noted on the product’s individual web page). We do apologize for any inconvenience, but we did issue you a refund for that item. Please do note, though, that it may take a few days for it to reflect on your Paypal or credit card account.

Why is the system rejecting my credit card?

The most common issue is if the billing address you provided us with does not match that of your credit card's billing address (please double check for any typos). The second most common cause is international banks, which don't support the fraud system our credit card processor uses. For international orders, we recommend you check out through Paypal to avoid this problem. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions related to payment.

Can I make a purchase by doing a split payment (i.e. multiple payment forms)?

Technically, our system cannot accept split payments (coming in 2014) however you could either purchase a gift certificate (which is e-mailed to you), and pay with that, along with your credit-card/Paypal, or you could place a second/separate order and we would then refund the shipping cost difference. If you would prefer the second option, please make a note in the comment section of both of your invoices so that we can ship them together (please include your first order number in the second order, as you will have it by then).

Is it possible to pay with a check or money order?

We do not accept checks, but do take money-orders. The best way to calculate your total is by going on to our website and proceeding as if placing an online order, continue on to Check Out, and type in your shipping information so it can calculate your total with shipping included. Once you have selected your preferred shipping method, you can write out that money-order to West Coast Shaving and send it to our mailing address. Please include a list of the items you would like to purchase and the shipping method (please keep in mind that we cannot send items with alcohol or compressed air by air) along with your contact/shipping information, and we will send that order out to you once the money order has cleared (up to 2 weeks). If any items are out of stock, we will hold the order until everything is in stock.

Can I pay with my gift-card (e.g. Visa, American Express)?

In order to be able to place an order with a gift-card, you would first need to register your card (by calling the card's customer service number). They should either ask for your entire billing address, or simply your zip-code. You might want to ask them how long it takes for their system to update that information, as it may take 24 hours or more. When that information has been updated, you would then be able to place your order (either online or over the phone) as normal.

How/where do I use my gift-card or promo code?

After adding the items you are interested in to your Shopping Cart, click the "Shopping Cart" link, enter your coupon code in the "Apply Coupon" box on the new page, and click "Go" so that the code gets applied accordingly. Finally, complete your transaction as usual.

What if something is out of stock?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a completely accurate ETA on when an item will be delivered to us, as they often become back ordered at the manufacturer or get held up in Customs, which delays our re-stocking process. In the mean time, though, we suggest you place yourself on the waiting list (if you haven't done so already) so we can notify you via e-mail as soon as the product comes in. Just click on the "notify me" link next to the product availability information. This does not commit you to purchasing the product; it's only to inform you of when it is available, so you will have the option of ordering it.

Do I have to buy the product if I am placed on its Waiting List?

As soon as the particular item that you have placed yourself on the waiting list for comes back in stock, we notify everyone on the list at the same time. This gives everyone the same opportunity to purchase that item, if they still wish to do so. It is in no way a commitment to buy that product, and we cannot place it on hold.

Can you place any items on hold?/Can I buy an item even though it is out of stock?

Sorry, no. Our system is not set up to work that way. You would have to wait for the item to come back in stock.

Do you offer wholesale accounts or offer a special discounts for big orders?

Yes, we do offer wholesale accounts to businesses for resell and commercial use for a limited selection of brands. If you are interested, please make sure to have an account set up with us and e-mail us the resell certificate number, and your business information, and let us know that you would like us to change your account to wholesale.

Do you ship to (international country)? If so, what is the cost of shipping?

Yes, we ship all over the world and are happy to be accessible to so many people. Our shipping rates are based on weight and will vary from country to country. You can certainly place the items in your cart and go through the check out process with you address and you will see your shipping costs and options.

The international tracking info. does not change. Why?

The USPS does not offer up to date tracking information on international orders. If you have received the tracking number, you can be assured we have shipped it. However, international shipping times do vary from 1-6 weeks normally, depending on customs. Please contact us if it has exceeded 6 weeks.

For international orders, how long until my order arrives?

Unfortunately, tracking for USPS is often not real-time updated, and sometimes not updated at all, especially for international deliveries. However, it is quite normal for international shipments to take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, sometimes even up to 6 weeks (even for our Canadian neighbors). If it does still does not arrive to you by the end of the 6 weeks, please contact us.

  • USPS First Class International
    • Delivery time: Varies by country, usually 1-4 weeks, but can be longer due to international customs
    • Tracking: None
  • USPS Priority International
    • Delivery time: 6-10 business days, but can be longer due to international customs
    • Tracking: Yes
  • USPS Express International
    • Delivery time: 3-5 business days, but can be longer due to international customs
    • Tracking: Live tracking on

Delivery times do NOT include processing time (our time to pack and ship).

For domestic orders, how long until my order arrives?

Unfortunately, tracking for USPS is often not real-time updated, and sometimes, not updated at all, but they are pretty reliable and though their delivery time-frames are not guaranteed (except for Express, both international and domestic) they usually deliver it within the time frames stated below:

  • USPS First Class
    • Delivery time: 1-5 business days, but not a guaranteed service, so could be longer.
    • Tracking: Delivery confirmation only, sometimes live tracking.
  • USPS Priority
    • Delivery time: 1-3 business days, but not a guaranteed service, so could be longer.
    • Tracking: Delivery confirmation only, sometimes live tracking.
  • USPS Express
    • Delivery time: Overnight, but not a guaranteed service, so could be longer.
    • Tracking: Live tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • UPS Ground
    • Delivery time: 5 business days guaranteed, sometimes less if address is local.
    • Tracking: live tracking on
  • UPS Express 2Day
    • Delivery time: 2 business days guaranteed, sometimes less if address is local.
    • Tracking: live tracking on
  • UPS Express Overnight
    • Delivery time: Overnight guaranteed.
    • Tracking: live tracking on

Delivery times do NOT include processing time (our time to pack and ship).

Do you ship to international and/or military addresses?

Yes. However, we are not able to ship items with alcohol (ex. most aftershaves, colognes, astringents), or with compressed air overseas, due to shipping regulations.

How much will shipping cost me?

Shipping depends on the weight of the package/items, its destination, and the shipping method selected. To get a better estimate of this, we suggest you go on to our website and add the items you are interested in to the Shopping Cart (please keep in mind that we cannot ship products with alcohol overseas/by air, so that excludes FedEx Express and Overnight, USPS Priority, and USPS Express). Then, simply continue to Check Out and add your personal information (name, address, etc.,) and click "Proceed to Shipping Calculation". It will then give you your shipping options (USPS or FedEx, if applicable) and it will allow you to see the cost, without completing the purchase.

I put in the wrong shipping info, can I still change it if it has already been shipped?

Unfortunately, we can not alter orders once they have left our office, and if you already received a shipping confirmation e-mail we can only wait a week or two (for domestic orders) for it to come back to us and only then can we edit that information. If this happens to you, please contact us so we know to expect it back and send it to the correct address.

Why is the free-shipping promotion on certain products (e.g. certain Merkur razors) no longer valid when I add other items?

That promotion is only valid if the item is shipped alone. If you add other items to your order, you will be charged shipping for all of the items in your order. You could place 2 separate orders, one for the razor, and the other for whichever other items you would like, and that way not pay for the weight of the razor in shipping. If you would like to do this, please add a note in the Comment section of your invoice indicating that you would like both orders to go out together, and include the order # if possible.

Is it possible to alter customs information for international Customs, so to avoid paying high taxes?

We do not alter customs information for any reason. The information that appears on the customs form will be accurate, per the order. However, we do not include shipping charges.

Why was my shipping downgraded?

The reason for this is because we are unable to ship items with alcohol (most aftershaves, astringents, and colognes) by air. Please see the shipping restrictions on the product page. If your order contained any items with alcohol (that individual item's webpage should have a Shipping Restriction notice beneath the Description of the item), we had to ship your order by ground--and it should take 1-5 business days for it to arrive to you. We most likely have already refunded you the shipping cost difference, but please allow a day or two for this to reflect on your credit card account.

Privacy and Security
Do you sell/give away my contact information?

Of course not! You can trust us. :)

Do you keep my credit card information?

For your security, we do not. Thus, the reason you continually have to punch in those numbers when completing your order with us--for your personal identity safety. ;)

Tips and Tricks
In which order should I try the razor blades from the sampler pack?

Don't get too caught up in the order, except to save the Feather for last. The most important part of the process is giving each blade enough time before making your opinion. In fact, often you may come back after your technique has improved and find that your opinion of a blade has changed. Have fun!

Will my opinion of blades change over time?

Yes, it is likely that your opinion of blades changes over time if you are new to DE shaving. As your technique improves, you will find blades may behave differently. Additionally, you will find blades performance may be affected by the razor you use. If a blade does not work for you, try it in a different razor.

What is a good razor if I am just starting out?

There are several good razors. One we often recommend for people just starting out is the Merkur 34c. The Edwin Jagger series of razors that are from DE86-89 are also excellent for a start and very similar in weight and size to the 34c.

Why would I consider an open comb razor?

It is really a matter of preference. However, some people who have thicker beards find that an open comb works better for them.

What's better, soap or cream?

It's really subject to opinion and brand. With a cream, you will find that it is easier to make a nice rich lather. Many people start off using creams. However, the soaps can be slicker, depending on the brands. That's the beauty of it. You can change it up and alternate.

Where should I lather?

You can lather using a lather bowl with your cream and brush. This is ideal, in our opinion. If you are using a soap, you can directly work the surface of the soap to get a nice rich lather and then as you brush onto your face, as well. You will want some sort of container to hold the soap in place while you work the surface. Some prefer to create the lather directly on the face by putting the cream on the brush and working it into a lather there. This is called "face-lathering."

Why does my shaving cream look like it's missing a chunk of it?

This is completely normal and is common for a lot of our creams.They are packaged by weight, not by volume. We can certainly see how it could lead customers to believe it has been tampered with, but please know that they sometimes settle in such a manner that would look as though some has been taken out. Of course, we certainly would never use a product and then send it out. It's sort of like when you buy a bag of chips, it's never quite full.

What should I do when/if my shaving cream becomes dehydrated?

This cream is not trash! What you now have is pretty much soap. We personally do this all the time when we have creams that have been sitting under the bathroom counter a little too long. Just lather directly on the surface and it should preform very similarly to the product when it was a true "cream."

I am a "newbie" and am overwhelmed with all these razors! What should I get?

Of course, there are always factors in this decision and, depending on some specifics that might be important to you, the answer may vary a bit based on these factors. But, in general, men favor a few razors for learning. One is the Merkur 34c Heavy Duty Safety Razor. It's got a great weight, nice short length (for good maneuverability), and a good grip on it. The Edwin Jagger DE86, DE87, DE89, and DE89L are all the same razor with different colors. These are similar in weight and size, but we'd say they are a bit more refined in the manufacturing.

How do I pick a shaving brush?

There are some general things to know about brush shopping. There are various types of hair-- synthetic, boar, horse, and badger. The main thing to understand is that badger hair varies a lot in the quality and the price. Of course, all the manufacturers are going use different terms to describe the different grades, just to keep you guessing...but you will see that we have them broken down in grades of hair under each brand. You will notice when looking at the prices that within the brand as the price goes up so does the quality of the hair. The brush softness may also depend on if you are looking to use creams more (softer is fine) or if you want to use soaps (you may want a little more structure in the bristles to gather more soap). We are always happy to help you maneuver the maze and stay within your budget.

Are the Personna Reds in the blue and red packaging the same?

Yes. These two blades are the exact same blade, both made in Israel. However, one is packaged in Mexico (in red packaging) and the other in the UK (blue packaging). The difference in cost (for the 100 pack) is simply a reflection of what it costs us to get them.

Do you sell smaller quantities of double edge razor blades or can you send me a sample?

We certainly understand the reasoning behind this request, however, because of the way they are packaged, we are unable to do this due to hygienic concerns.

Is the shedding of my brush normal?

Shedding is not too common but it does occasionally happen. Combing the brush is one of the last steps when a brush is made. If this step is not done completely, a brush may shed a little (whether your brush is new or older). We ask customers to do the following procedure to stop the shedding.

  • Step 1: Wash it gently with warm water and shampoo.
  • Step 2: Shake it out and let it dry.
  • Step 3: When dry, comb it with a comb until it stops losing hairs.
  • Step 4: Use it for a week.

This shampooing process usually does the trick, but please let us know if the shedding comes back, and we will proceed from there.