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Feather AC System

If the maintenance of a straight razor seems like more work than you're willing to put into it, give the Feather Artist Club series a look. Their system offers what is the closest to a real straight razor, but has replaceable blades so you don't need to hone to keep sharp. While the construction is extremely well made, offering exquisite stainless steel and resin materials, the key is the Artist Club blade, which replicates the traditional better than anything else on the market. The Feather AC is also a great choice for barbers.

Feather AC System Reviews
The best for tough beards
Feather AC Professional Super Blade 20-Pack I??ve been shaving with the Artist Club (folding DC) for about eight years now. The Feather Professional Super is my absolute favorite blade to use for shavette shaving.
Feather AC ProGuard Blade 15-Pack.I switched to these from the professional. I actually get a closer shave with the pro-guard. As with the other Feather blades I've used, I get maybe four good shaves per blade before I notice dullness. While that's irritating, nothing else shaves me as well.
Spoiled for Choices
Feather Artist Club SS Razor, Black In 2012, I bought a Feather Artist Club SS razor and used it in rotation with my DE razors. In February 2015, I began using it as my sole razor, and continue to do so thru Oct 2016, date of this comment. In summary, I am deeply impressed how well this razor performs. It is easy to navigate around my face, easy to change blades, and easy to clean. Zero problems. The razor does not harbor soap residue. I use both the Feather AC Pro and Feather AC Pro Super blades. The AC Pro allows me to be less careful with technique and obtain a nick-free shave. The AC Pro requires more focus and rewards me with a closer shave. As such, I??_?ve donated all my traditional straight razors to my son, who also owns a Feather Artist Club SS razor.
Feather artist blade
Feather AC Professional Super Blade 20-Pack.Very sharp blad. Shaved very well
delivered punctual.Perfect protection for my
Feather Plastic Protector for Artist Club DX and RG Japanese Razors.delivered punctual.Perfect protection for my Feather. Grazie
Feather Professional
Feather AC Professional Blade 20-Pack.Great blade excellent value.
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