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Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor
  • Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor
  • Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor
  • Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor
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Item Number: RZ-FEA-004
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The AS-D2 is Feather's second generation of their all stainless steel double edge safety razor.  This three-piece razor is an ultra premium shaving tool, with exacting tolerances and exquisite satin finish. 

This is easily one of the most advanced traditional shaving tools on the market.  Feather has engineered it for great balance and accurate blade placement.  Their unique method of holding the blade ensures it sits centered.

The handle has a great knurled pattern for a firm grip and has a nice length for a comfortable grip. 

This razor is on the mild side, so a slightly greater angle of use is needed.  Paired with a sharp blade, like the Feather double edge blade results in a very nice shave.

Beautifully packaged in a burgundy gift box.   One pack of Feather double edge razor blades included.

Made in Japan.
Product Reviews
Pinnacle of Razors
<p>The materials and workmanship of this razor are among the best on the market. It's a solid razor with a great feel. The ends of the blade are enclosed, which is nice. As for the shave, it's very "mild" but effective. This is a great daily shaver because of that, and doesn't require concentration. Even with bad technique, it takes work to screw up with this one. If you're looking for aggressiveness and efficiency, it's perhaps not the best choice - but that's okay. Pricey, sure, but it's a lifetime razor - and one you should be very happy with.</p>
Feather has shown me the value in the DE shave
I'd used cartridges for ages (really nice and pricey ones). To be honest, they give an excellent shave. A friend of mine talked up the DE process as an inherently better shave experience. After reading some "Leisure Guy" material and going down the road quite a bit I could see the enjoyment factor but the actual shave (outcome and smoothness of the glide) was not noticeably better than using my cartridge system. I was using a vintage Gillette DE super speed (trying multiple blades, creams, pre-creams, etc.). This razor has absolutely blown me away. I've been using it with the supplied feather blades and it slips over my skin like there is no blade at all. It is a pleasure to use and I now see the true value in the DE process over cartridges. I will not down grade it for price because you already know what it costs. It's a splurge, but it's one that I recommend when the time comes that you can afford it without serious strain.
Truly Remarkable DE Razor
Simply a remarkable and unmatched product experience!!! I am fortunate to own several top-tier razors including straight blades and high-end DE razors and you won't find a better balance of performance and beauty! Buy this razor with confidence and don't be concerned with the price and performance ratio -- it's just a remarkable investment and you won't be sorry! If you don't have the money for this razor then save for it- it's that good! I own a Weber Classic; Ikon OSS 2013; Ikon DLC SLANT - all said and done this is the finest DE razor in overall balanced performance and quality, in my opinion.
I purchased this safety razor a month ago and was quite pleased with it but wasn't sure it was worth the price. I figured I was paying a lot due to the disparity between the Japanese Yen and the Dollar. After using it everyday for a month I went back to my old razor which cost me about twenty bucks. The difference was very noticeable. My old razor cut off the top of one of my moles and put a pretty big gash under my jaw. I went back to this Feather and no problem. Shaves really close and comfortable with no wounds. I recommend this if you can afford it. The price is why I give it four starts instead of five.
Electronic engineer
The first time I use this razor I thought I was about to bust a nut. It's worth every penny
Great Razor
Ordered last week and received this on just a few days. As luck would have it I had just shaved with my Bic single edge disposables which have served me well for many years. Well I decided to try it anyway and could hear it cutting away more beard and my face was noticeably smoother. Interesting. Workman ship is first rate! I also ordered 100 blades. To get the same shaves from the Bic I would have to have almost 20 bags of them! Now 200 (100x 2) blades and the razor fit in a neat area a few inches square. I also orderered the Edwin Jager case that holds two additional blade packs for travel.Very high quality. The razor was a bit short for this case although I was able to trim a quality piece of foam that came with the razor and place it in the bottom for a perfect fit! Nice combo!