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Feather brand double edge razor blades blades which fit all traditional double edge razors. Platinum coated, these blades are known for being the sharpest DE blades available.

10 packs of 10 blades each for a total of 100 blades.

Product Reviews
Excellent, but not for the drowsy!
Sharpest blades I've tried, have to be careful (and awake!) when I use them, but they do give a great shave. Not surprisingly, the edge doesn't last as long as the Astra, and for me, the shave isn't much better. Astra is my "go to". These do work better than any other in the disposable blade straight razor though.
Absolutely NOT for Me
I'm a two-pass shaver. Recently, after reading a great number of reviews on several blades on this site, I conducted a test of three blades: this blade, the Gillette Silver Blue and the Polsilver Super Iridium. I wanted to see how many days per blade I could get a smooth, nick-free, close shave. My results are as follows. The Gillette blade was the clear winner. I got 5-7 days per blade before getting any nicks or noticing a less-than-close shave. All of their blades delivered 5 days, three blades gave me 7. The Polsilver was second best. I got 3-5 days per blade with three blades coming in at the 5 days. Hate to go against the grain of most reviews here, but for me, my face and my shaving style, the Feather gave me 2 days, max!! Closeness was never an issue. But, nicks! Good grief! On the other blades, on the day when I first got nicks I could touch them with a tad of QuickClot on the end of a Q-tip. But, on day-3 for the Feather I needed to darn near paint the side of my neck!
Not to be feared!
Well most reviews seem to be from pretty experienced wet shavers so thought I would give my take as a beginner since these are the much feared Feather blades where some reviews make it sound like you decapitate yourself if you are not careful. I have been wet shaving with a Merkur 34C HD for about 2 to 3 week now, I have a pretty coarse beard that grows in several directions with sensitive fair Irish skin. I finally got around to trying these out and I am still alive and no nicks or cuts. I thought the Feather blades to be a nice close shave, but not a huge difference with a 3 pass shave with the other blades. For the cost I don't believe these blades are at all worth the difference in price. Out of all the blades I tried these were not the smoothest across the face but they were about even even with the Astra blades for the closeness of the shave, but maybe just slightly more irritating to the skin. Out of all my sample tries this would not be my final choice but I would use them if I had them. Keep in mind all blade reviews are very subjective you may like them much more or much less than I did, definitely worth a try, but bottom line to me is not really much different than blades that are close to half the cost.
Yes, these blades are very sharp. Take your time, even light pressure and you'll will get an excellent shave. I got a sample pack of 5 different blades and these are the best. I found that using a very good pre-shave and creme will really help. I also suggest that you not do a video when shaving with these.
Great blade, but expensive
As everyone notes, probably the sharpest blade out there, but dulls fairly quickly. One note: the oft mentioned first shave issue seems to be eliminated by a quick cork (wine?) strop and slit. For me, first shave is perfect.
Great product
I have extremely sensitive skin, and get horrible razor burn and bumps whenever I shave. In my search to fix this, I started wet shaving. I used a sampler pack of blades that did not include feathers, but it seemed that I had continually improving results as I used the sharper brands - Merkurs were absolutely horrendous for me - Derbys, Sharps, and Dorcos all yielded about the same results of okay but not great - Sharks were good - Bics were better. So with these results, I took an educated gamble and ordered a bunch of feathers. I just used them for the first time, and it was an exceptionally pleasing experience. It was the first blade I used that required no pressure, was extremely smooth, and left no signs of irritation that I always found with other blades; I expect the razor bumps on my neck to quickly dissipate with continued use of the feathers. I understand that everyone's face is different, and these won't be the best for everyone, but if you find that your skin meshes better with a sharper shaving tool, do yourself a favor and pick these up. And I actually found it easier to avoid nicking myself while shaving; it was only lack of attention to detail and shaving angle and other technique flaws that caused cuts with these blades.
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