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Feather Double Edge Razor Blades
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Feather brand double edge razor blades blades which fit all traditional double edge razors. Platinum coated, these blades are known for being the sharpest de blades available.

1 pack of 10 blades.

Product Reviews
Great blades!
<p>I have sensitive skin and just started wet shaving. After reading a ton a reviews saying that these will cut you if you're not careful and have to have it at a perfect angle and what not, I was honestly nervous to try a shave with it but it was perfect for me. Very smooth and no nicks or razor burn. But everyones skin is different so just try a bunch of blades in 5 count packs or a sample pack. They are very cheap. Dont go by reviews for blades.</p>
Sharp, smooth, comfortable.
I am fairly new to DE shaving, and finally came to these in my sampler pack I got for fathers day. Got to say, these blades are SHARP! Shaved today after two days of no shaving, the blades already had two shaves on them, so I wasn't expecting a very good shave, just to get it done. After just 2 quick passes, I have a smooth shave with no nicks and no irritation. No need for a beginner to beware in my case. They work great for me.
Whew! The most unsmooth blade I've ever used, and I've been wet shaving for 40+ years.
The best shave yet!
I've been using Personna's, in the blue wrapper, for about a year now. I thought they were the most comfortable. I recently decided to give the Feather blades another try and I'm glad I did. Actually about two years ago I used the Feathers and hated them, BUT I was using Taylor of Olde Bond Street. That combo tore me up, I was bleeding everywhere. Since then I've tried a variety of different shaving soaps and fell in love with the green container Proraso. Now that I've mixed the Feather blades with the Proraso the shave is amazing, smooth as a babies butt and no nicks. I firmly believe that successful DE shaving is getting your technique perfected and finding a blade cream/soap combo that works for you. If you didn't like the Feathers your first time around try them with a different cream/soap. The Personna's are still a good blade but the Feathers are perfect.
Excellent quality shave
I used one for the first time last night, on a two-day old beard. Smooth, no pulling/tugging. No cuts. I'll be using these until they quit making them. Hopefully, that doesn't come to pass.
Perfect For Mild Safety Razors....
If you want a super close shave using a mild razor then these will be your best choice. A mild safety razor has no weight to it and no aggressive angles to it, so you'll need an extremely sharp blade to get a close and smooth shave. Just make sure to use a good shaving lube because these are evil sharp.