Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Feather brand double edge razor blades blades which fit all traditional double edge razors. Platinum coated, these blades are known for being the sharpest de blades available.

1 pack of 10 blades.

Product Reviews
just tried one, very impressed
I'm new to DE shaving but combining this blade with an Edwin Jagger DE89 is a great match for me. Using the proper technique I had no issues with cuts. Compared to my butterfly razor with derby blades which gave me irritation and many cuts, this combination is very smooth.

I can't speak to the longevity of the blades so I'll report back later.
Yes Sir Sharp blade for sure, does not hold the edge as long as some others but sharp it is. for my face however the PolSilver gives me the best shave in my 3 piece razors.
Sharp like a ninja's sword in an ice storm
These babies are the sharpest blades I have used so far since I started wet shaving ( 2years). At first I got cut so much I just stopped using them. After purchasing the merkur future adjustable and keeping the setting on low (#1) I found them to be much better.
Great Blade
Had no issues with the shave. Blade was smooth on my lower neck going into the grain of the beard. A must try
I got a sample pack to try different blades to get a DE shaver for my grown son. I think this is the sharpest blade I've used. My first impression is how effortless they cut. I have the feeling they may not give as many shaves as some other blades, but the fresh ones are very smooth.
Great blades!
I have sensitive skin and just started wet shaving. After reading a ton a reviews saying that these will cut you if you're not careful and have to have it at a perfect angle and what not, I was honestly nervous to try a shave with it but it was perfect for me. Very smooth and no nicks or razor burn. But everyones skin is different so just try a bunch of blades in 5 count packs or a sample pack. They are very cheap. Dont go by reviews for blades.
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