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The Feather Popular DE razor is a economical and light-weight razor that offers a close and comfortable shave. The body is made of an attractive plastic and the silo doors are made of metal. Case included.

Made in Japan

Product Reviews
Great razor, but a little light
I picked this razor up along with Weishi Gunmetal razor. After using the Weishi (which I thought was great) for about a month I thought I'd try the Feather. Well, all I can say is that the Weishi got put back in its case and I haven't used it since. My only (minor) complaint about the Feather is that it is very light. I really like the longer handle since I feel it gives me better control of the razor, and I've found the shave quality (closeness, evenness, etc.) to be quite good. In addition, the Feather seems to glide across my face very smoothly - I've found that it has a very similar shave feel to an early '60s (silver tip) Schick Krona (my current "go to" razor). Yes, a lot of the construction is plastic, but it's a high quality precision molding so, while the razor may not last 50 years, it should give consistently high quality shaves for at least 5 years. Overall, I am very happy with this razor and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking at starting DE shaving (I'm actually thinking of picking a couple up for my sons to get them started). I just wish that Feather would come out with a heavier version of this razor - I'd buy it immediately.
Great 1st Razor
PROS: Value, Long handle, Easy to change blades & clean, easy to maneuver, lightweight, travel case included. CONS: Build material, styling, lightweight. Overall this is a great gateway razor and travel razor. It's not elegant and perhaps a little too light, but for the price it's been great.
It gave me a decent shave but completely fell apart after 3 months of use. Put it back together with JB weld and still use it.
Nice for everyday and some travel
I use this every day and it gives me a good shave. Lightweight and easy to clean and change blades. Great value. I also use it for travel sometimes, but it's not suitable in airline carry-on bags because of blade type. I have some Gilette Guard cartrige shavers for air travel.
feather double edge razor
this razor is AWSOME!and at 18.00$, you CANT go wrong...
great shave, great price, Another quality precision Japanese instument
The shave is no worse than any of the DE of today, I got a few nicks using an astra blade in it, probably due to the increased pressure needed since it is quite light, with the feather blade and very little pressure i get a bbs , gets same face time as my 74 black beauty or 65 adj super speed. just because it has some plastic certainly does not mean it is junk, this like most Japanese tools it is built right, highest quality plastic and steel and precision engineering make this a crazy deal.