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Feather Safety Razor Co. is one of the oldest makers of double edge blades, having been producing them for over 80 years. Where they used to dominate the home market, they fell victim (like most wet shaving manufacturers) to the cartridge razor market. Double edge sales declined. With the resurgence of razors that actually work well, Feather has become quite popular again. Known as the sharpest on the planet, their blades are sought out and revered. With excellent quality as shown by their entry into the surgical tool market, their shaving products are still some of the best available. The As-D2 is considered by some to be the finest DE razor. They have also taken over the barber disposable straight edge market with their ultra high-end Feather Artist Club line.

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The Best Blade
After 2 years of Safety Razor use (Merkur 34C)with Astra Green I decided to try a pack of Feather Blades. No doubt the best blades around. But I am glad I had some experience prior to shaving with them... Still like my Astra Greens for the shave and price. But I will always have a pack of Feathers on hand for a 3-4 day beard...
Iv'e been using a Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic "Barber Pole" Long Safety Razor with the Astra blades. After researching reviews I decided to add the Feather AS-D2. My impressions are this is a solid three piece design with the handle unscrewing from the top sections. It's very well balanced in hand. Using this the first few times with feather blades I ended up nicking myself a few times. after figuring out it needs to be held at a slightly different things went better. The cut is so smooth you have to be careful. Love this razor.
Feather Blades
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "I have tried many blades, but the Feather blades are the best.
Feather light
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "Smoothest shave ever. A bit pricey, but I had 4 shaves from the blade.
Very Impressed
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "I've been slowly working my way through different brands of blades and have recently purchased my first pack of Feather blades. I had been on a fairly constant rotation of different blades (Merkur, Gillette, Shark, Derby) until I discovered Astra blades, which have been my go-to for about 5 years, mostly because of the consistent shave I had, combined with a low cost. I was hesitant to try a new blade this morning with only a day's worth of growth, as my skin is sensitive and I tend to experience a lot of irritation near the corners of my mouth. With the Astra blades I was resigned to 3-4 passes in order to avoid the irritation. Using the Feather blade this morning, I needed only 2 passes; 1 with grain, 1 cross grain. After my first pass I didn't notice much in the way of beard reduction and was thinking, "I'm not sure what all the hype is about." The hype was fully realized with the second pass. I've only ever had a shave this close with a straight razor, and there was no irritation, no nicks. I will likely continue to try other blades, as my skin will change with the seasons, but I would highly recommend that everyone at least try a pack of Feathers.
Feather AS-D2
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor "This razor has now replaced my Edwin Jagger as my all time favorite safety razor. It is definitely worth the $180 I paid for it. I love it that the blade doesn't extend beyond the ends of the razor. My only minor complaint is that the blade easily comes off the small ridges that keep it aligned when I open it slightly to rinse it after a shave. Other than that it is a perfect work of art that just happens to give the best shave possible. I also own the $18 Feather and it is my second favorite razor. By the way, on the $18 Feather, don't tighten it all the way unless you are using it to shave. When you are done shaving, clean it and then loosen the "butterfly" slightly or you will permanently bend the plastic "bar". My two Feathers are the only safety razors I use any more.
Feather Popular Double Edge Razor "Ordered this to throw in my gym bag and wasn't expecting much. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have a luxurious feel in the hand, it does the job. It provided and exceptionally smooth shave. It's not the same feel as metal against the face. The plastic has that cheaper feel, but for the money it's a no brainer. Totally worth the price.
Believe the hype
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "Everyone's face is different, so it's hard to call any one brand of razor blades "the best." However, Japan's Feather blades are easily the best blades I've used, and I've tried several: Merkur, Astra, Kai, Van Der Hagen, Wilkinson Sword, and Muhle. I've gotten closer second and third shaves with Feather than some of the first passes I've had with a few of those other brands. I've seen these blades make short work of a week's worth of beard when paired with an aggressive open comb razor. Sure, there are cheaper blades out there, but it's unlikely you'll find anything that's thinner and sharper than Feather. I can't imagine using anything else.
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