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Feather Safety Razor Co. is one of the oldest makers of double edge blades, having been producing them for over 80 years. Where they used to dominate the home market, they fell victim (like most wet shaving manufacturers) to the cartridge razor market. Double edge sales declined. With the resurgence of razors that actually work well, Feather has become quite popular again. Known as the sharpest on the planet, their blades are sought out and revered. With excellent quality as shown by their entry into the surgical tool market, their shaving products are still some of the best available. The As-D2 is considered by some to be the finest DE razor. They have also taken over the barber disposable straight edge market with their ultra high-end Feather Artist Club line.

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Feather Reviews
An incredible razor. Perfectly balance and superbly crafted. I can barely feel it on my skin and yet my shave is close and nick-free. Combined with the Feather blades, an unparalleled shaving experience. It takes a bit of practice to hold the razor at the 45 degree angle, but once mastered, it is a breeze. Do not waste your money on another razor--buy this one.
Flawless shave every time
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "They say these are the sharpest blades but Im yet to try one that can compete with that claim. Till then these will do. I have very thick hair so I challenge these blades but still get flawless shaves. My everyday blade. Ive never nicked myself with these even after using the same blade for 4 shaves. I guess these are for thick skinned men. Overall best DE blade in my opinion
Feather Razor
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor "Simply the Best. I bought this after wasting a c-note on the Rockwell stainless. Pay the extra money and get this, Also it tames the Feather blades.
The Definition of sharp
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "I've been using the Feather Hi Stainless blades for several years now. I've tried Wilkinson Swords (nice blade) Astra, Gillette, Merkur, and a few others. Feathers are the sharpest. I tend to shave aggressively and demand a sharp blade and these do exactly that. I find them a bit harsh on the first shave but they mellow nicely. My beard is medium course and my skin can be senstive. I don't fear drawing a little blood once in a while, usually first shave with new blade or as the blade dulls. It's not uncommon to be able t get a months worth of shaves at 3 shaves per week. These blades have provided the closest to what I consider BBS, which I judge in both directions.
Pretty good
Feather Popular Double Edge Razor "Mild and easy to use. I find that the included feather blades are a little too sharp for my liking (new to DE shaving, and it left me with a little bit of neck irritation), but others may find these blades perfect with the mildness of this razor.
2nd place winner
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "I like PolSilver and Astras better. They don't nick like the Feathers do. Plus, they're twice the price when an Astra or PolSilver shaves smoother and just as close.
Feather AS-D2: Apex of DE Razor Design
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor with Stand "With over 50 years of wet-shaving experience, I have run the gamut of razors, and the AS-D2 is far superior to any that I have used.

The thought process and engineering of this tool is where purpose meets design and design meets purpose.

Fit and Finish is a Work of Art. Balance is Perfection. Weight is surprisingly 'moderately-light’ considering its all-stainless construction.

Blade positioning is fool-proof and automatic due to the engineering design of the cap and base plate. You will never experience uneven blade exposer.

The AS-D2 is not an aggressive razor (rather mild) and is not necessarily blade/brand sensitive. However, in such a mild razor, a high-end 'sharper blade' (Feather, Kai, Pol-Silver, etc.) gives the BBS results.

May I suggest that this razor be purchased with the stand. Something this good should be stored properly and not in a haphazardly fashion.

Expensive/Costly? YES! But, this is an investment in personal pleasure, and you deserve the experience.
Still using..
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "I am still using the same blades after 5 shaves. It's starting to drag now though but for 5 shaves great blade.
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