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Feather Razors are made in Japan, and one thing many people think about when considering products made in Japan is that they know how to make sharp things. Whether it is a great knife for a chef or a sword, they've got this down. These double edge razors are the perfect tools for getting that close shave. We all know how important that is! The 5 o'clock shadow is for 5 o'clock, not breakfast, right? Depending on your budget, there is a vast range available for the beginner or the truly committed connoisseur. From a manufacturing standpoint, few brands can compete with their high end razor. Feather has a strong reputation for their very sharp blades, but based on feedback from our customers, you will not be disappointed with their quality with the DE shavers. The quality of the manufacturing of these products is impeccable. When you want a safety razor, you want a Feather.

Feather Reviews
Feather AS-D2 razor with stand
Razor is incredible and worth every penny!! The stand on the other hand? It is a great stand, it looks great and weighs a ton. BUT, you pay $80 extra for the stand. I do like the stand a lot. I am glad I bought the razor with the stand, but I don't think the stand it worth and extra $80. Like I said, the razor is worth every penny of the $180 price, but $80 extra for the stand is steep. If you have an extra $80 that you don't need , go ahead and get the stand.
WELL WORTH THE MONEY - Best Shaving Product I Own +++
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor with Stand I used to use Gillette triple razors and I was experiencing adult acne - bizarre because I've never even had TEEN acne. After some research, I found that people who have had similar experiences as they entered their thirties switched over to wet shaving and have successfully cured it ( for lack of a better word). I wanted to give it a try, but I wasn't sure It would work, or if I would even like it, so I bought a pretty descent Merkur Safety Razor that came in a starter package. It worked within the first few days, and within 2 weeks - PROBLEM SOLVED ! I That almost 3 yrs ago now. I had always wanted the Feather Razor, but my trusted Merkur was fine. It looked cool in my bathroom with its matching stand, and after all - it DID save my ass .... so why in hell would I spend that kind of money on the Feather?!? I DIDN'T - my WIFE did. She saw that it went on sale and ordered it for me for Christmas. I've got to tell you - THIS SAFETY RAZOR IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!!!!!! Love it - Perfect balance, the blades sit perfectly even on both sides of the razor when put in ( I used to have to sort of push the blade on one side to get them even on BOTH sides with my old safety razor. Not the end of the world, but was sort of a pain in the ass), and the craftsmanship - you can tell the minute this thing is in your hand that it is very F**king serious. It literally does the shaving - all you are doing is guiding it where to go.These Feather blades are VERY sharp and cut super close - so take your time the first few shaves and you will love this thing!!! Did I mention this stand is outrageously heavy for its small size? This thing feels like platinum - it's THAT dense!! Japan really took quality to the next level with this razor !! - I'm Done, Pete.
worth the money, but ...
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor with Stand.i don't regret buying this razor, but I must shave 3-4 times to get a close shave. I am playing around with the angle of the razor, and I seem to be getting better. one very good point is that i have not nicked or cut myself with this razor. hopefully, i will learn how to shave closely with it soon.
Feather vs. Pils
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor with Stand.After using both razors now for a month, I like the Feather best. It's lighter in weight and is easier to control. Gives a great shave! Not that Pils is bad, I just prefer the Feather. Both razors are really nice. It comes down to personal preference.
Happy birthday to me!
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor with Stand.I've had my eye on this razor for some time now and finally decided to pull the trigger as a birthday present to myself. I was reasonably happy with the performance of my Edwin Jagger DE89L but it has now been relegated to my travel kit. The Feather is one sweet safety razor. As noted in the description, the razor, stand and blades arrive in a very nice presentation box. I was surprised at the weight of the stand. It's very heavy, especially considering its small size, and you definitely want to avoid dropping it on your toes. In contrast to my EJ's super shiny chrome finish, the head on this razor has a matte finish that took a little getting used to. Overall, the Feather looks sleek and sophisticated. I've used exclusively Feather blades since I got it and will continue to do so. This razor gives a very mild but deceptively close shave. The angle with which you hold the razor is a little steeper and you can press a little harder with no fear of causing irritation. I like to do a three pass shave, WTG, XTG and ATG, and it's been smooth sailing with this one. Overall, I'm very pleased with this razor and enjoy shaving with it. I'm able to shave quickly with no irritation. Are there other razors out there as good and cheaper? Well, I really like the look of my EJ and it does a great job. But the 89L is chrome on brass. This baby is solid stainless steel and will be handed down to my son when I'm no longer around. The EJ is just another razor. The Feather is special. I'll enjoy using this razor long after the pain in my wallet fades away.
The Katana of Razors
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor with Stand.I have a very light beard and fair complexion and began shaving as a teenager in 1964 with a Gillette "Ball End" Tech razor. I continued to wet shave until about eight years ago when I went to the "Dark Side" and bought a Norelco electric razor, which cost almost as much as the Feather AS-D2 with stand! After fighting with the electric for all these years I decided to go back to wet shaving. I researched the plethora of razor and blade combinations now available and with the excellent advice from WCS I sprung for the Feather AS-D2 with stand. I've been using it for over two months now and can honestly say it is the finest razor I've ever had! It is perfect for my light beard and mildly sensitive skin. Using Feather blades with Geo. F. Trumper creams and a Kent BLK8 I've never had a nick, scrape or cut. The beauty and craftsmanship of the Feather AS-D2 is something to behold and makes this daily routine a shear pleasure.
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