Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Any time you need a little bit of a boost to your skin, you can use this outstanding Game Day Charging Spray: Energizing Facial Tonic. Another great product from Game Day, this lightly-scented preparation contains a secret ' pheromones! Women love it. Keep some in your gym bag, backpack, or briefcase so you'll always have it ready when you need it. Its rejuvenating properties will leave you feeling as though you've started the day all over again, so feel free to charge up any time you feel you could use a refreshing pick-me-up.

In addition to hydrating, you'll find this has very pleasing firming properties, so you'll feel and look younger when you use it. Don't keep this to yourself ' tell your friends about it. It's too good not to share. Why not make a gift of some to another discerning man? It's great for Christmas or any time of the year that you want to offer a token of your friendship.

Size: 2 oz

Made in the USA.

Ingredients Makandi root extract (forskolin) black tea theaflavins, pear cactus, alpine willowherb extract.