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This cologne is not for the faint of heart; but if you're confident enough to wear it, we think you'll love it. Of course it's classic bay rum, which is an assertive sort of fragrance in the first place, but the strength of this product comes from the fact that it contains twice the essential oils as our regular cologne. If you use it in the same quantity as you're accustomed to, you're going to really be making a statement. You could dial it back a notch or two and use less, but where's the fun in that? Sometimes, more is more!

You'll find that this partners well with our Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap for a combination that will leave you smelling incredible and feeling confident all day long. Be warned though ' this product should probably come with a warning label, because it's been known to make women feel weak in the knees. Use it cautiously!

Size: 4 oz

Made in the USA.

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Product Reviews
best bay rum
This is a great sent and the burn is a great rush !! Can't go wrong with this one. Try it ! You want regret it.
For manly men only
Hoo wee, this stuff is strong! And the burn is such you'll swear your cheeks are about to burst into flames right before it cools back down. Certainly too much for sissies, probably too much even for your average guy. But for us Manly Men, this stuff hits the spot. If you love bay rum and you don't mind the smoke coming off your freshly anointed face, this is the aftershave for you, Mr Manly Man, and welcome to Club.
Jeans and your best T-shirt
This is the best kick-around cologne to wear after you just finished a long day at doing the lawn and any other dirty work. After a good shower, I put this on. After that,I put on my best easy going jeans and T -shirt. But be careful, don't put too much on, just a few drops on the palm of your hand is all you need. They don't label it special reserve "double strength"for nothing.
The Divine Burn
Ahhhh! As the tag says..."not for sissies." This is the real deal. It has found a home on my shelf.
burn baby burn!
wow... and i thought the aftershave burned! yes it feels like your face is on fire but it calms down after a bit. the scent makes up for it! love it love it love it!
I have to be honest I totally bought this when I was drunk. I love bay rum and I was drunk off rum and that was pretty much the deciding factor at the time. Otherwise, this is a pretty good cologne. If you love bay rum and you don't want to have to shave to smell like bay rum you should totally buy this cologne.
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