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Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream

Geo. F. Trumper was established in 1875 to serve gentlemen, and they have done this beautifully for over 125 years. They are a company honored with the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria and five following monarchs. These products are loved around the world by people with high standards. They hold fast to traditions of the past in terms of traditional fragrance, yet they are always adding fragrances to cater to the changing desires of the times. From creams, hard soaps, aftershaves, colognes, and deodorants to the famous Trumper skin food, they seem to have thought of it all. Additionally, we have also added a few exceptional accessories from this company.

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Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream Reviews
Very good
Excellent product
Geo F Trumper Eucris Deodorant Stick, 75ml "This has a great scent. A little goes a long way and keeps me smelling fresh throughout the day.
A good wash
Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather Hair and Body Wash "The scent is very nice and will last on you for few hours. Add a right cologne before stepping out the door and you are well scented for your meetings or travel. It lathers well and will go a long way. You do not need to use much which is a plus, being that it comes in a small bottle. I recommend this for men who enjoy a good masculine scent that will last after stepping out of the show and into your day.
Dissatisfied customers
Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream Sample Pack "It is unfortunate to live in a world enriched with people that either lack the ability, or are simply in too much of a rush to READ & comprehend BEFORE making a purchase. I want to appologize on behalf of people everywhere to the WCS Co. for the total disregard for attention to detail. It's 100% MY opinion however, you can not make the portion size of your products any clearer. I know the WCS Co. would never say this even if they could, but people PLEASE READ before purchasing so you do not feel obliged to post a negative review regarding a product based on your own inability to comprehend what you're investing in when you make a purchase. I've read multiple negative reviews regarding these samples not being the size somebody thinks they should. They're SAMPLES! If spending $20 on a number of samples is too expensive for you, A). Buy the original size, or B). Go to West Cost Shaving co. and look at what you're buying before you purchase. Sorry for ranting!
GFT Shave Bowl
Geo F Trumper GFT Shaving Cream Bowl "The scent is amazing!!! Also provides great protection and glide. Highly recommended
I like it -has a
Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Deodorant Stick, 75ml "I like it -has a pleasant aroma not to heavy good for evening go outs
Geo F Trumper Eucris Shaving Cream Tube "[Admission: When I first wanted to buy this cream, it was  out-of-stock at WCS, so I purchased my tube directly from GFT.] . I'm a great believer in the luxury shaving creams so widely represented on this site. I am convinced that, despite their premium price tags, they're good value because they more consistently deliver the vey qualities you're looking for in a shaving cream. Qualities I want in a cream are, first, that it creates a generous amount of lather when you whip it up with your brush. Second, that this generous lather is also compact, slick, and durable. Each of these qualities makes the cream better at fulfilling its central role. Lathers which are dense have a more powerful effect on your beard, helping it stand up and remain wet. To the extent the lather is slick, it makes it . possible for you to obey the first law of wet shaving: "Don't push on a safety razor. Let the razor take care of the cutting by itself." To the extent the lather is durable, it maintains its shape on your face, making it easy for you to see what you've already cut, and what remains to be done. And its durability also means it's providing those other qualities to your shaving throughout the shave. In a word, the Eucris beats up into the stiffest, slicklest, most compact, and most durable (I ran into none of the "dissipation" that Jeffrey B, did) of any of the "LUXURY" shave creams I 've tried.
As Expected
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