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You will find many classic grooming gifts for men (and some gifts suitable for women, as well!) throughout the site. But the products shown here are more suitable for gifting and might be the perfect compliment to the gentlemen in your life.

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So surprise him with a special starter kit or luxury set. Of course, if your man would happily accept toothpaste for Father's Day, by all means, we have that, too! Just tell him it was your idea, not ours. But we think something a little nicer, like the Penhaligon's Fragrance Collection, would be a little more exciting. We're happy to wrap it for you if you select the gift wrap option. We like to make gifting as easy as possible.

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First straight razor.
This is my first straight razor, I wasn't sure what to get or what to look for. I didn't have a local store where I could go and get a feel for straight razors. This one seems to be decent and works well, and I'm pretty good at shaving with it now. There is deffinently a learning curve with straight razor shaving but I'm glad I decided to take the plunge with this set.
First straight razor
This was my first set for my first experiences with a straight razor. I was worried about getting bad products and mistaking it for personal error. This kit took the stress out of searching for individual items.

The only issue I had with this set is the "Geo F Trumper Eucris Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl". The wooden bowl is really cool, but the soap itself does not hold a lather. You can lather up your face and in less than a minute it dries to your skin. I looked around to see if I was just "doing it wrong", but many people have reported a similar issue. It appears to only happen to some batches, but for such an expensive soap I would expect it to at least hold lather.
Passing go shaving set
I am well pleased with my set, I did not realise that I did need to order shaving soap, so I did later soap. It is a good starter kit. Thank you. Bill
As a complete newbie to DE shaving I was looking for a starter set. The 34c always had high reviews, so this was a good start. The price is right for what's included.

Was admittedly nervous my first time so didn't get a consistent close shave, but I'll own that one. Subsequent shaves are outstanding. Plus i actually look forward to shaving, instead of it being drudgery.

Now to decide on the best blade....
Level up shaving set
Great starter set. The Taylor's shave cream is excellent and has no noticeable scent, which is how I prefer it. Have only used the merkur blades so far and they work really well. Badger brush smells a little, but apparently this is to be expected for initial period. Recommended for anyone wanting to get most of the pieces necessary for a single blade shave.
Level Up Advanced Shaving Set
Somewhat disappointed that the set did not include a razor stand. Also, why include something like a styptic pen which creates skin scarring?