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Newly released Gillette Guard Cartridge Razor with pivoting head.  A single blade with  room between the guard ensures the razor will not clog.  The safety comb helps protect against nicks and cuts.  The cartridge is easily replaced allowing the handle to be used many times.  Very economical when compared with other cartridge options.  Great for head shaving or travel. 

Includes 1 blade and handle.

This razor is not distributed via normal channels in the US and we import them directly from India.

Made in India.
Product Reviews
Great for WTG head shaving
Been using it for a few weeks now for WTG head shaving and loving it.

I use a new blade for every shave but since they are dirt cheap it's not an issue to me.

My wife used this........
My wife used this on vacation. She said it gave her a really close shave without the usual nicks on her legs. Great for travel. Will order a couple extra to keep on hand in case she breaks one.
For Head Shavers - Best (only) disposable single blade with pivoting head
This is the best (and only, depends where you look) pivoting head disposable razor... WITH ONE BLADE! The pivoting head is important for comfortable and quick head shaving. The single blade is important to result in an irritation free shave (multiple blades are unnecessary). Proctor and Gamble would NEVER sell this razor in markets where men/women have enough disposable income for giant 2-3-4-5 blade cartridges... that's why this razor was designed from the ground-up to be sold to men in India who have very small budget. These men currently buy DE blades which are patent-less, so Gillette must "innovate" to slap on patent protection. All of this matters, but what you really want is a quick, close, and comfortable HEAD shave, and this is the best razor for that job. I get 4-5 head shaves out of each blade, use a brush and cream to lather, and a good moisturizer. If I have time, I use a DE on my head, just as I would on my face. Good luck!
Decent enough for what it is, but don't expect anything like DE quality results from this razor. It does have just a single blade, so comfort is good, but it is also really mild and closeness is mediocre. Presentable is about the best you'll get from the guard. OK for travel or touch up work, or a quick shave when you need to hurry, but even for these purposes, there are better single blade cart/disposable options for my money. The Bic metal, for about the same money, is one, or even the super-cheap Bic Sensitive is better, IMO.
Great razor
I normally use SE and DE razors, so I bought this and several replacement blades for use solely as a travel razor. But I found I really like it. It's great when I'm pressed for time, want a quick touch up, or when I'm still a little irritated from the previous day's sloppy technique. I reach for it much more frequently than I ever imagined. Will I give up my old-school razors? No way, but this is a fine substitute. I highly recommend it.
Great rest day shaver
This razor is ideal for those DE/SE shavers who sometimes need a rest day or two due to a shave that just too close and don't have the luxury of not shaving every day. It produces absolutely no irritation and requires next to no technique. The shave is not quite as close as a good DE/SE shave but its pretty darned close. For those of you who are just sick of the huge cost of multiblade razor cartridges, this razor requires no learning curve and gives a better shave with less irritation and razor bumps/ingrown hairs due to the single blade design.
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