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Minora Platinum double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are Platinum plated and fit all double edge razors. Made in Russia. 5 blades per pack.
Product Reviews
Not that sharp kind of dull
I shaved with these blades before and they are to dull my face was sore it would pull the hair all stick to sharks and personal blues
Smooth, Sharp, Forgiving
<p>I just used the Minora for a full leg and underarm shave (with a DR Harris stick and EJ long handle). I found the blade to be sharp -- on the same level as a Persona but more forgiving and significantly smoother. They are a touch more expensive than just about every other comparable blade on the market but I suspect I will be able to get more shaves/blade out of these than a Persona. The Minora also seems rather forgiving around sensitive and scary knee, shin, ankle, and achilles terrain.</p>
Fantastic Blade!!
I have shaved five times with one of these and it shows no signs of dulling whatsoever. Incredibly sharp blade!! I only wish they were cheaper as I would load up on them as they are that good. I have used a Feather Popular & a Schick Krona.
Gillette Minora Platinum Blades
I am dissappointed in Minora, latetly it is not sharp as it used to be.Each time i'm using it, i feel itchy.
Nothing Special
These Blades are average. Tried a pack. I am not adding them in my rotation at all.
Have only been traditional shaving for about two months. However, these blades are horrible! They come out of the package with grease all over them, and do not cut well. Cause a spotty shave, and irritation.
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