Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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You might think of wet-shaving as being a little difficult when compared to using an electric razor, but we're here to tell you that it's really pretty easy with this great product. The bowl is provided, and the soap is flaked for quicker, richer lathering. What more could you want? The best things in life, you say? Well, if that's the case, then you won't be disappointed. Gold Dachs Revivage Shaving Soap Flakes in a Black Bowl is made to strict European standards ' you won't find better. We think you'll like the fresh scent as well.

If you have a woman in your life who also appreciates a close shave, we'd encourage you to let her try this out as well ' it's an easy way to achieve a close leg or armpit shave in the bathtub or shower. We don't expect you to share your razor with her, but if you won't let her use your brush and soap, that's just plain mean!

Size: 50g

Made in Germany.