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How close do you want it? If you're a 'leave a bit of stubble' sort of guy, forget it, this isn't for you ' it's almost impossible NOT to get a close shave with this outstanding product! It's a richly lathering soap that comes in a screw-top tin, so you can use the lid as a bowl for lathering up. You want the best things in life, and for sure this is one of them. It's manufactured to rigorous European standards and provides a fresh clean scent that will leave your skin fresh and smooth throughout the day.

If you decide to keep this all for yourself, we'll understand, but we have to tell you that friends and family members would probably really appreciate receiving Gold Dachs Classic Shaving Soap in a Tin as a gift. And besides, you're not the selfish type, are you? Get some for Dad or even Mom for that matter ' she'll be thrilled by what it does for her legs!

Size: 60g

Made in Germany.