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Tired of borrowing the husband or boyfriend's shaving soap? Why should he have all the good stuff anyway? This one's for you, girlfriend! Back in 1890, Haslinger of Austria started making quality grooming products for men. They really weren't thinking about women at all back in the day, but finally, it's our turn. 

Haslinger Women's Sandalwood and Aloe Vera Shaving Soap in a Bowl is specially formulated for your legs and armpits with the warm scent of sandalwood married to the nourishing and moisturizing qualities of the aloe vera plant. You use it the same way your man does, just by adding some warm water to the puck and swirling it around until you get a lather that's the right consistency. Then you borrow his razor like you've always done, and wait for him to give you a hard time about ruining the blade!

One thing you have to know though - turnabout's fair play. Don't be surprised if he decides he really likes your soap!

Size: 60g; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

Made in Austria