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Hassilnger shaving soaps are made in Austria. They do not have much marketing presence in the US, but those in the know swear by them. This highly under-discussed little treasure is sure to impress. It is easy to lather this little puck into a rich cream and the slick finish is sure to provide the protection you are looking for in a shave. One of the best lathers of any classic shaving product we carry, actually. The scents are not too shabby either, actually they are awesome! Not to mention, the price is an incredible bargain for the quality product you are getting. We sell them both in the soap refill and in a practical plastic case that is ideal for travel.

Haslinger Shave Soap
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Haslinger Reviews
A new world of shaving!
This is the first premium soap I've used. After years of using a cheap supermarket brand. The lather actually looks like shaving cream, and it was as comfortable a shave as I've ever had.
Greatest! HASLINER Schafmilch
Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin "This is very good shaving soap. It creates a creamy lather that makes shaving comfortable.
Best soap on the market
Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin "Quite simply, this soap is the best! It produces a large amount of very slick lather, regardless of the quality of water you may have. It provides superior cushion and the feel on the face after the shave is amazing
Goog Shaving soap
Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin "This stuff lathers up nicely and provides a close shave with very little irritation. The scent is OK too. I give it 4 stars because it is kind of expensive compared to Proraso (green jar) for how much you get.
Great soap, love you
Haslinger SPA Sandalwood Shaving Soap in Bowl "For my first soap I have to say it is quick to lather and works great for straight shaving. I little water, a few circles to gather some soap and then lather on the face.... boom your ready for some steel.
My Husband loves this soap
Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin "My Husband loves this soap to shave with!
West Coast Shaving offers great, hard-to-find products
Haslinger Women's Sandalwood and Aloe Vera Shaving Soap "However, the shipping is lacking to say the least. Living on the actual West Coast, I was amazed to find that everything seems to ship from the furthest parts East. Furthering the issue, they use UPS who hands off to your local post office- adding days to the process. It's a shame as they have great products, but in this day and age, one must be able to compete with shipping services like those offered by amazon.
Haslinger Sandelholz
Haslinger Sandalwood Shaving Soap "This soap lathers up nicely and provides plenty of protection against burn or cuts
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