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Everyone loves good hygiene -- at least, we hope you do! Our opinion is that if you have to brush your teeth and work to eliminate body odor each and every day, why not do it with the best products on the market?

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We offer top-of-the-line mouthwashes and toothpastes in some "toothsome" flavors, along with plenty of effective deodorants in lovely scents. Don't forget to check out our specialty toothbrushes while you're here. Not only do we offer some popular items, such as Acca Kappa, Marvis and Taylor of Old Bond Street, we try to bring you some hard to find international brands such as Botot, Couto and Speick.

Hygiene Products Reviews
Real Talc
Pinaud Clubman Talc, White Great talc, finely ground, doesn't clump. Light fragrance. I use it daily and I am glad I found it. I was always frustrated with the non-talc based powders.
Talc is the best
Taylor of Old Bond Street Talc, Mr Taylor Taylor of Old bond Street products are all top notch but I really like this talc. It has a nice fragrance but not flowery or feminine... and it lasts for hours. It gives a clan smooth feel as well... very glad I have tried it
Great body powder
Crown Shaving Body Powder.If you like the scent of CSC's shaving cream, aftershave tonic and cologne, then you're going to like their Body Powder, too. Smells terrific. Very masculine and old world barbershop. Does a great job of keeping my skin dry and comfortable.
Manly Scent
Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Deodorant Stick, 75ml.I was looking for other then store bought. Found WCS on line, bought the Deodorant , Body Wash , Skin care . The Deodorant goes on nice and smooth , does its job nicely . Product may cost more , but a little bit goes a long way. My Wife loves the scent .Will be buying again. Thank you WCS for the fast service .
.Great toothbrush.
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush.I have a diamond clean but sometimes what a quick brush. This is the one. Natural bristles, large surface. Perfect
Nice Talk
Pinaud Clubman Shave Talc - Flesh/Neutral.Liked the Pinaud after shave talc. Several times when having a professional shave the barber used a talc but this is the first time I have used it at home. It leaves my face smooth and dry with a nice scent.... Glad I purchased it
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