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Shaving removes the hydopilidic film that serves to protect the skin, and that's why the process can sometimes leave your face dry, red, and irritated. This soap-free cream (developed by Atkinson's' Laboratories) softens the skin and allows for easy shaving that never leaves you feeling irritated. This I Coloniali Delicate Shave Cream contains natural emollients and anti-inflammatories for a soothing, smoothing experience every time you shave.

To use this product, just place a dollop of it in your hands and then apply it to your face, smoothing it against the hair growth. Shaving couldn't possibly be easier, no matter how sensitive your skin, so when you use it, you're guaranteed to feel pampered. If you know somebody else who deserves to be spoiled, a nice container of grooming products including this superior cream would make an outstanding gift ' you shouldn't be keeping such a good thing a secret, so share with friends and family!

Size: 100ml

Made in Italy.