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Imperial Barber Products

Since 2001 Imperial Barber Products has been producing a superb grooming line. The team behind the development of these great goods have a combined 26 years of experience in the barbershop industry in LA and New York City. Their goal was to create a grooming line that worked perfectly for all types of hair, as this seemed almost impossible to find. Finding that perfect balance in products from hold, ease of washing and fragrance is not always easy to find. So, they figured it would be best to strive for that perfection themselves. In addition to that Original pomade, a full line is now available for all styles and hair types, all verified by extensive testing on actual clients in the barber chair. They also found a need to expand to shaving oils and aftershaves and we are glad they did.

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Imperial Barber Products Reviews
Very good preshave oil
Imperial Barber Products Pre-shave oil "I have used the Art of Shaving so the Imperial is a nice change. It is much less viscous and you only need a small amount. It comes in a dropper bottle. I employ it mostly in the tough areas around the mouth and chin. It can certainly help with razor glide. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try or currently using a simi product. No real negative though it could come in a bigger size. wish it came in a bigger bottle.
Good product and great value
Imperial Barber Products Gel Pomade Good product and great value
Imperial Barber soap puck
Imperial Barber Products Glycerin Shave Soap, Puck.Smooth soap,lathers well, lasts a good while/
smooth shave
After shave lotion
Imperial Barber Products Bergamot After-shave.Mild and soothing. Like the smell.
Worth the $
Imperial Barber Products Glycerin Shave Soap, Puck.Tried this because I like Imperial products and it had good reviews. The lather is just fine, easy to generate a nice thick lather. Minimal, clean soap scent. Where this soap falls off a bit is in terms of slickness and protection, fairly average for the 'glycerine' soaps I have tried. After shave feel is fine, but not up with the best. Guess I am basically a 'tallow soap' guy! But this is good value for what it is, simply not top of my personal rotation.
Not Great, but not meh either
Imperial Barber Products Glycerin Shave Soap, Puck.I lover Imperial products. I think this is one company that gets no frills, no nonsense men who just want products that work without all the fanfare. I was very excited to try this shave soap. I must say I was slightly disappointed. The lather is OK, it has very good glide. What's really good is that the smell is clean without being perfumy. Your skin will feel hydrated without the residue.
Great aftershave
Imperial Barber Products Bergamot After-shave.This is my go to for calming and soothing my skin after I shave. I have extra sensitive skin and can't use products loaded up with menthol or perfumes. This aftershave has a very subtle scent and all the right ingredients to leave your face happy. My skin never feels dried out and my nose likes the scent to fade quickly. If you have sensitive skin and don't want to be overpowered by the other aftershaves out there, get this stuff! It simply Works! (and it's a great value too)
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