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You've probably had it happen any number of times - you have visitors who will be staying overnight or longer, and they arrive with just about everything they need. The only problem is, they've forgotten to bring their toothbrush.

Why not add something special like the Izola Toothbrushes, Guest to your company bathroom with these attractive, wooden-handled brushes, clearly marked 'guest'? Your visitors will appreciate the durable, solid feel of the brush, along with the sustainable bamboo and nylon bristles. Of course you'll want to let your friends take them home when they leave.

For that matter, you might use one as part of a 'goodie bag' or basket full of toiletries and other items, placed in the spare bedroom or bath for the personal comfort and enjoyment of whomever might come to stay with you. It's the little touches that make people feel valued and appreciated, so treat them the way you'd like to be treated and pamper them!

Made in the USA.