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It's like a shadow of the past -- one of those indefinable scents that triggers a memory and makes you look around for the nearest barbershop. Jeris hair tonic was used for decades by barbers across America, and its non-greasy formula gave hair such control and shine that it became a favorite of Hollywood screen legends. Sure, you could get that vintage feeling by slapping on some pomade or lacquering yourself up with wax, but a true classic speaks for itself. Never overly drying, friendly to even sensitive skin types, Jeris tonics for your hair and face are the perfect way to add a little throwback style to your grooming routine without weighing yourself down under pounds of product and an overdone retro facade. Simple, rejuvenating, stylish, and timeless. It's all in the green bottle.

Jeris Aftershave & Tonic
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Jeris Reviews
Amazingly chill.
This is the perfect summer aftershave. Chills you down and smells wonderful without being over powering.
Bad assed
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz "Haven't had a "tonic" (makes me recollect Jed Clampitt talking up a tonic Granny just cooked up just using the word) anywhere near me since I was a youngster in a barber's chair moons ago.

I hate greasy anything, especially hair, and usually use a Paul Mitchell tea tree product that's like a very light cream (really good in its own right) that doesn't paste hair to scrap.

Still, I wanted to try this just to see what it would do.

Glad it did.

I feel like a barber each time I use this, as the smell is perfectly barbershop!

What I REALLY like is the silky smooth hair it leaves behind. Wow!

And for the meager price?

Can't. Beat. It.

Will order a gallon soon.
Feels great, love the smell
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size "At first I wasn't using after shave but I decided to give this a try and I'm glad I did. It feels great on the skin and isn't too powerful of an odor
Barber shop smell
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size Last year I went on a quest to find men's shaving products that contained smells that would be found in a barber shop. My search brought me to Osage Rub (among other things). It has a strong menthol smell to it which dissipates fairly quickly. Some have described it as smelling like Vicks Vapor Rub. Although it does have a similar smell to Vicks due to the menthol, it is distinctly different. If you're familiar with Jeris Hair Tonic, It smells like Jeris with menthol added to it. When on the skin I've found it to reduce razor burn and has an IcyHot effect. it is very strong, you don't want to get it in your eye. I enjoy it enough that I will reintroduce it to my face several times a day to get the smell going again. Also, due to the cold effect on the skin, it's great for summer. Two thumbs up for Osage Rub.
The Tingle Let's You Know It's Working
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size My Barber turned me on to Ossage Rub for an itchy scalp. This product, along with Clubman Shampoo does the trick. A great product that actually works for a super price
This item never arrived
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size This item never arrived
Good stuff! Light N easy!!!
Jeris Hair Tonic with Oil.This is great stuff. This is the same stuff that barbers use in a spray bottle to comb and tame the hair after or during a cut. Just splash a little bit into the palm of your hand, rub hands together and massage into your hair quickly. It makes your messy hair so much more manageable. It dries quickly and leaves you hair looking natural without any sheen nor an "oily" looking head of hair. If you've got a "cow-lick," this stuff will take it instantly and again, naturally. Nobody will be able to tell if you use anything in your hair. This is 10x's lighter than any hair gel or hair spray. Just what the hair doc ordered!
Great Retro Product
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz.If you're looking for something that will evoke memories of the barbershop of yesteryear, this is one product that will do it! This is a classic tonic that smells powdery and spicy. The glycerin in the mix will give your hair just enough hold so that it doesn't fly away, and leaves your hair feeling smooth and smelling manly and old-school. This product isn't greasy (be careful not to get the version with oil!), and doesn't build up with daily shampooing. Can be used on either wet or dry hair. This stuff isn't foo-foo, New York, Girly salon stuff. This is a tonic that belongs on the shelf of every hole-in-the-wall barber shop in the Rust Belt. It will leave you feeling like a well-groomed gentleman of classic taste. And at around $5.00 per bottle, it's a great value.
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