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Sharp. Efficient. Reliable. These are just a few of the words you might use when describing the ideal qualities you look for in a razor, and they're also a perfect match for Kai, the Tokyo-based company that's been manufacturing blades of all types since 1908. Originally founded as a pocketknife factory, Kai has evolved over the years to hone their skills (pun totally intended) by branching out into different areas, including cutlery, barber and beauty equipment, and of course, razors. With the neatness, precision, and economy you'd expect from a traditional Japanese company, combined with the rapid growth and innovation that have pretty much come to define Tokyo in the 21st century, Kai products are more than just disposable shaving tools. They're a piece of technology and efficiency you can hold in the palm of your hand.

KAI Blades
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KAI Reviews
Excellent Blade
KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades, 5-pack "I find Kai blades to be a tad less sharp than Feathers and smoother. As with Feather blades, these are not for the faint of heart and must be respected in their usage. If one has had bad experiences with Feather blades, give Kai a change. Kai gives me two or three shaves whereas Feathers are a once and done blade for me. I use Kai in my German 37 with iKon OSS handle with great results and in my Merker 34C HD with iKon Bulldog handle although I use Feathers as my go to in the 34C.

.Highly recommended for value and performance.
Amazing Razor. But make sure you can handle it.
KAI Captain Standard Folding Razor "I'll be honest, I completely ignored the "not for the faint of heart" suggestion in the product description. I guess you could say I'm bold (or really foolish). Anyway, this was my first ever foray into "straight razor/shavette" wet shaving. I had never even held one in my hand until this got delivered to my house. I've been using a safety razor for the past two years and boy did the Captain come with a learning curve.

The first shave, my face looked like I had gone through the medieval Asian torture "death of a thousand cuts." However, through steady, patient practice and lots of YouTube videos, I can say now that I can get a proper shave without cutting myself at all.

I'm not sure, but I can assume that other, cheaper shavettes would probably be a better beginner option than this. However, this thing leaves my face so hairless that I think it has the power to revert puberty.

As a standalone product, it is exceptional. Probably not for a novice, like I myself was when I got this, but you simply will not get a closer shave than this. And none of the hassle of a true straight razor. Just a pop blade once a week (daily shaving) and you're good to go.

Easy to disassemble, clean, disinfect, dry, and put back together. And unlike a straight razor, you won't develop sloppy habits/cut at unnatural angles cause your bald has dulled and you can get away with it. This thing will punish you if you don't concentrate. Overall, I can safely say someone would be very happy with product in the end and I would gladly recommend this.
Best blades!
KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades, 5-pack "Really sharp really smooth! A step beyond Astra sp. Just a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for.
similar to Feathers, but cheaper
KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades, 5-pack "I agree with the other reviewers who compared these to Feathers. They are smooth and sharp, with no drag, and very little irritation....they are in the category of "the top five blades I use the most" along with Feathers, Polsilvers, Wilkinson Sword, and the Israeli Red Personna.
Nick P.
KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades, 5-pack "I use a Feather AS-D2 and for me, the Kai blades are close to feather blades in sharpness, but smoother and much more forgiving. I have also tried, Astra, Silver Blues, Derby, Feather, polsilver, 7:00 and more. The Kai is best, hands down. It is more expensive, but one blade lasts me one week. I think I could go longer, but I change the blade out every Saturday morning.
Very good blade . More
KAI Captain Titan Mild Refill, Straight Blade, 20 Blades "Very good blade . More forgiving than feather.
A Superb Blade.... Period.
KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades, 5-pack "I agree 100% with the reviewer before me. This is a superb blade. As sharp as the Feather, but in my opinion and experience, much smoother. Feather, Polsilver Super Iridium, and Bolzano Superinox are my top three. The list just got shook up. First time that I can get a blade to last me past 5 shaves, 3 excellent, and 2 very good. My skin is hyper sensitive, 3 was my max with any blade. Kai has opened my eyes. Just wish I would have tried them a whole lot sooner.
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