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Kent was established in 1777 and is one of the oldest companies in Great Britain. They have always been known to carry only the most excellent quality products. They have been granted Royal Warrants for nine reigns. For six generations, the original family ran the company until 1932 when the last of the 3 brothers passed away. Mr. Eric L.H. Cosby, directed for the next duration, now to pass it one of his grandsons, Mr. Alan H.L. Cosby. Throughout this exciting history, they pride themselves in the fact that many of the original products are not mass produced, and while they harness the latest manufacturing processes, they also hold to the traditional methods of creating the finest brushes. There is nothing quite like a Kent shaving brush -- you feel the luxury. We also honestly feel that you will not understand what a good comb is until you try one of theirs.

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Kent Shaving Brushes
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Kent Reviews
kent folding brush
Kent KFM4 Folding Brush "thought it might be a wastev of money but I am trying to downsize my travel kit.

the brush however was better than expected and gets used daily. a lot stronger than it looks, should last a long time.
Comb and Blades
Kent 158mm Grooming Comb, Coarse/Fine "I can't say enough about Kent combs, i won't use anything else now. Also the Feather double edge blades shave great.
Great comb
Kent 143mm Pocket Comb, Coarse/Fine "No more cheapo Ace combs. This is totally worth the price
Great little Stache comb fits
Kent Beard and Moustache Comb, Fine "Great little Stache comb fits nicely in my wallet.
Quality Comb
Kent 113mm Pocket Comb, Fine "After giving up trying to find an Ace hard rubber comb, which have been discontinued. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this comb even more. Silky smooth on my scalp. A keeper.
Kent BLK12 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush, Black Handle "It's not one of those dinky finger brushes. It's a real man size shaving brush, regardless of the price. You will love it. .There is no hair loss and I don't expect any.
More than $5 for a comb?
Kent 205mm Large Handled Rake Comb "When I first bought this comb, I thought it was a mistake. When you can get a comb at walmart for less than $5, why buy this? I'm all about utility and value. This comb is 1000x worth the price. Quite frankly i didnt think combs were that different from one another. Boy was I wrong. No more yanking or tugging on the hair and no more dragging along the scalp. This comb is a pleasure to use. Best of all, it seems really high quality and should last a long time. I recommend this and especially for those of you on the fence about buying an "expensive comb" (as far as combs go) it's worth every penny.
kent comb
Kent 143mm Pocket Comb, Fine a comb is a comb? it does its job-but there is something nice about using and having a quality product. it just makes me feel better - even though I am the only one who knows.
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