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La Toja

Picture it: La Toja Island, Spain, about 150 years ago. A priest sadly leaves his beloved, but aged, pet donkey to die peacefully surrounded by the beauty of nature. But wait. What's this? Upon his next visit to La Toja, he finds his animal friend rejuvenated, with a healthy, gleaming coat? The legend tells us that the mystical powers of the island's mineral springs were all it took to restore the old donkey to health and vigor. From that miracle was born a skin care company that has been one of Spain's best-kept secrets for generations. Once hard to find in North America, La Toja's products are now available to all, updated for modern use but still using formulations based in the rich mineral waters of the island. We can't resist asking ourselves: Considering what those waters did for the priest's old ass, imagine what they could do for ours?

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