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La Toja Shave Soap & Shave Stick

Picture it: La Toja Island, Spain, about 150 years ago. A priest sadly leaves his beloved, but aged, pet donkey to die peacefully surrounded by the beauty of nature. But wait. What's this? Upon his next visit to La Toja, he finds his animal friend rejuvenated, with a healthy, gleaming coat? The legend tells us that the mystical powers of the island's mineral springs were all it took to restore the old donkey to health and vigor. From that miracle was born a skin care company that has been one of Spain's best-kept secrets for generations. Once hard to find in North America, La Toja's products are now available to all, updated for modern use but still using formulations based in the rich mineral waters of the island. We can't resist asking ourselves: Considering what those waters did for the priest's old ass, imagine what they could do for ours?

La Toja Aftershave
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La Toja Shave Soap & Shave Stick Reviews
La Toja After Shave Balm, Sensitive Skin "I use this in my travel case with their stick. Excellent balm leaving a nice matching scent while keeping my face soft.
interesting soap
La Toja Magno Classic Black Spanish Glycerin Soap "I had a hard time with this soap. While using and lathering up in the shower I disliked the smell of this soap. However, once it was on my skin the smell was great. After I got out of the shower and dried off it smelled very nice. I think that most people that try this will love it. It is a nice sized bar that lasts a long time. The price is slightly high, but I have paid more for worse soaps.
nice aftershave
La Toja After Shave Balm, Sensitive Skin.I got this as a freebee with my order. Nice scent and makes my face feel great after a shave. No burn with it either which is a plus. Thank you west coast shaving.
Great stuff
La Toja After Shave Balm Classic.Smells really clea , not like the shave cream but really nice. Doesn't burn when applied cools and soothes. I will definetely but again. Going to be my staple
Can't Go Wrong
La Toja After Shave Lotion (Splash).La Toja Splash is nothing short of refreshing. It's cool on skin, seals the skin, and the smell is clean and shower fresh. I only wish was a couple dollars less.
You will NOT be disappointed
La Toja Shaving Cream.I got ordered this off of another site a couple of years ago, I just wanted to try something and the reviews seemed to be good. I will probably never use anything else. I have used it both with and without a brush, I prefer it with but I like the brush. Anyhow, this stuff makes your razor glide perfectly. I use a straight and a DE and works great with both. You really don't need much a little bit goes a long way, and the tube is pretty good size so it lasts a while. 10 dollars is an absolute steal on this shave cream. The smell of it will truly have you hooked, very masculine would probably be the best way to put it. You will love the smell, I wish they made it in a cologne. I just ordered the aftershave so I hope that smells the same. Basically, a fantastic product and one heck of a bang for your buck.
Pure heaven in a bar of soap.
La Toja Magno Classic Black Spanish Glycerin Soap.Like many of you, I've tried tons of specialty soaps out there. However, this is one bar of face/body/bath soap that you will NEVER forget. The fragrance of it is specifically unique to magno. Trying to describe the scent of magno would be like trying to describe what a "rose" flower smells like. You just can't describe it accurately because it is its own unique and exclusive fragrance. There's nothing that compares to the scent of magno exactly. However if I'm forced to describe the scent, I'd say that it's similar to a blend of musk, leather, sweet cavendish tobacco with a slight hint of vanilla and cedar wood (like from a cedar lined box of Cuban cigars). However the scent is NOT limited exclusively to just any one of the fragrances listed above, but a combination of all of them mixed together. The tallow, lanolin and glycerin in this soap makes your skin feel great, especially wind burned or dried itchy skin. It's very mild, but very masculine in fragrance. I wish they'd make an aftershave or cologne in this one of a kind fragrance, because it is magn?_fico! As far as "value," I rated it 4/5 (value only) because I have found it almost $2.00 per bar cheaper elsewhere. Again, the soap itself is 5/5 stars all day long! I will be stocking up with this jewel!
The best match for the La Toja stick
La Toja After Shave Lotion (Splash).I've had a hard time following up a shave with the La Toja stick. Lots of things were ok but nothing really felt right. I bought the La Toja aftershave lotion (really a splash). The scent matches perfectly and the face feel is top tier. You do get a scent of mineral/sea/thermal salts. It's very nice. If you are thinking of purchasing the La Toja stick, an excellent value, purchase this aftershave lotion at the same time. It's on my repurchase list.
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