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  • 2-piece double edge safety razor
  • Textured handle for secure grip
  • Finished in polished chrome

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I believe this was the very first razor we carried at West Coast Shaving and it remains one of our most popular of all time. The Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a chrome finished 2-piece DE razor. The comfortable handle is approximately 3" long and is designed with a thicker grip with non-slip knurling. It's shorter than something like a Fusion, but the shorter length actually makes it more maneuverable and is typical of the old Gillettes. One of the most well known wet shaving products on the market.

Due to the popularity, this item has taken on a number of names over the years such as Merkur HD, Merkur Heavy Duty, or 34C and combinations of all of those names as well. It's all the same product and it's remained unchanged since we've carried it. 

It is average on the aggressiveness scale and, therefore, a continual first choice for new wet shavers. At the same time, it's not too mild so experienced classic shaving fans love it as well. You could buy this and be set for life...and even pass it along to your grandson. Just make sure to clean it per manufacturer recommendations and it will last for decades.

This razor uses all standard double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave and features a twist-to-open design. Replacement blades are available. 

Handle length: 3 inches

Made in Germany.

Product Reviews
Very well made
This is my first (and so far my only) safety razor, so I can't comment on how it performs compared to others, but I love it enough that in three years I haven't gotten another. It's heavy enough that with a good sharp blade I really don't have to apply pressure, and I find it only gets clogged up if I haven't shaved for several days. It still looks like the day I bought it.
Superb Safety Razor
The 34C HD is superb for new and experienced wet shavers. The 34C HD is proportioned correctly for my large hands, has a great circumference and excellent balance, and the razor is easily controlled in all the areas of your face and neck and nose areas IMHO. This 34C HD is my daily go to razor. I'm not in agreement with other posts as to blade alignment issues; it's highly unlikely as the head cover has notches to preclude blade movement ... it is goof proof for alignment and I've found that this works well.

This 2-piece safety razor is very well made and even has a stainless steel head cover that is chrome plated. The chrome finish and knurling is much improved over earlier versions, as I owned a 34C HD purchased about 20 years ago but gave it away a few years ago when I purchased the Edwin Jagger ... what a big mistake!

For me, and YMMV, but I've lost confidence in my Edwin Jagger, as the head cover screw broke off one day while changing my blade. Mind you my razor was never dropped, as I take exceptional care of my razors, and this has never happened with any other razor that I own. Apparently this is a common situation for many 3-piece Zamac cast razors, and hence all the more reason to like the 34C HD 2-piece razor design IMHO.

For over 30 years I rotated through my Merkur 37C and 34C HD and Coles razors; with absolutely no problems whatsoever ... true workhorses. Enter the Edwin Jagger, a slightly longer handle, somewhat more slippery and not as deeply knurled as the Merkurs; as I was lured into the nice finish and modified head design. But the materials used for the Edwin Jagger IMHO are inferior to the Merkur34C HD.

As a wet shaver for over 35 years, I have perfected my technique (not to be understated here), and I know what works for me. I am a die-hard Feather blade user in my 34C HD and Coles and will also use Polsilver Super Iridium DE in my 37C when needed; which is slightly more forgiving than the Feather. Blade choice should be no problem; it all depends on what feels best for your beard type and skin type.
Lacking Nothing
By reputation, somewhat more aggressive than Muele or Edwin Jagger, but not as nicely finished. I mulled and opted for the better shave and resigned myself to sloppy finish.

But, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fit and finish of this razor. I have a watch making bench and it would have bothered me, but my plan was to polish and finish whatever they left undone. I've seen some on-line pictures of this razor with tool marks and things, but mine is perfect.

And, I've been shaving with Personna fixed twin blades for a year, so I've been redeveloping my technique, but that said have nicked, burned and otherwise marked myself less with my first DE razor (this one) than I do with it and it takes a bit more work to get a super close shave, though I haven't made my way to the sharpest of blades yet. So, had I bought a "less aggressive" razor. I would have been disappointed.

The handle and handling are nice. Not sure what the advantage of a longer handle would be. Feels good, well balanced, good weight. I'm digging it. Will it be the last razor I ever own? We'll see, but it might be. Certainly well worth the price.

If I got a do-over, I'd buy it again.
Go to razor
So this was my first DE razor at first I would look at all these choices and want to pick out what ever I thought looked good. But after much research and trying to take in all the advice found online from guys that have a wealth of experience. I decided to go with what I thought was a classic proven preformer.the 34c did not disappoint. I have now tryed a couple others and still like this one the best. Close comfortable shave every time. Great first choice !
First DE razor and it feels good
For being a middle aged guy, I'm late to the wet shaving method but I do remember my father wet shaving when I was a young pup. I was getting tired of paying for the 4-5 blade cartridges and started to research options that's when I came across the Merkur 34C. Needless to say I'm hooked. Its a great razor, not too aggressive, I haven't nicked myself once after my 4th shave, I'm trying different blade types now......its a fun process..
Merkur 34 C
I purchased the Merkur 34C and the plastic travel case to use when on the road. I own an Edwin Jagger 89 DE and have been well pleased with it, so was a little worried as to what to expect with the 34C. The 34 C is actually shorter than the EJ 89 and the weight is well balanced. I think I actually like the way the 34 C feels and handles a little better than the EJ 89.

My only concerns is that the finish is not as nice as the EJ. Does look like it could eventually start to flake off. The blade does not align real well and can set at an angle. Not a problem with the EJ 89. So care needs to be taken when tightening down the blade as to the angle of the blade.

The 34 C does feel and handle well, so hopefully it holds up.
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I bought this razor this past spring to replace my multiple-bladed razor of many years and I LOVE it! It took a while for me to get used to the short length but I love the weight and the level of aggressiveness it has. My question: Is there a long-handled version of it? I'd love to try it also.
SMJ December 3, 2015 5:54 PM
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The 38C is a great option. The Merkur 38C is a longer handle and has a little more weight to the razor than compared to the 34C. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/Merkur-38C-HD-Long-Handle-Barber-Pole-Safety-Razor_p_38.html
kkish57673 December 3, 2015 6:47 PM
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What if any, are the advantages of an adjustable DE razor?
October 15, 2015 11:28 AM
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The advantages of an adjustable razor is the ability to adjust the blade exposure to give you a more or less aggressive shave depending on what you are looking for. Please note the Merkur 34c is NOT an adjustable razor.
kbowser48786 October 15, 2015 11:53 AM
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Have a 34c looking for a longer handle which model?
September 12, 2015 8:10 AM
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The 38C is a great option. The Merkur 38C is a longer handle and has a little more weight to the razor than compared to the 34C. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/Merkur-38C-HD-Long-Handle-Barber-Pole-Safety-Razor_p_38.html
kkish57673 September 12, 2015 11:12 AM