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  • 2-piece double edge safety razor
  • Textured handle for secure grip
  • Finished in polished chrome

Item Number: RZ-MER-34C
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I believe this was the very first razor we carried at West Coast Shaving and it remains one of our most popular of all time. The Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a chrome finished 2-piece DE razor. The comfortable handle is approximately 3" long and is designed with a thicker grip with non-slip knurling. It's shorter than something like a Fusion, but the shorter length actually makes it more maneuverable and is typical of the old Gillettes. One of the most well known wet shaving products on the market.

Due to the popularity, this item has taken on a number of names over the years such as Merkur HD, Merkur Heavy Duty, or 34C and combinations of all of those names as well. It's all the same product and it's remained unchanged since we've carried it. 

It is average on the aggressiveness scale and, therefore, a continual first choice for new wet shavers. At the same time, it's not too mild so experienced classic shaving fans love it as well. You could buy this and be set for life...and even pass it along to your grandson. Just make sure to clean it per manufacturer recommendations and it will last for decades.

This razor uses all standard double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave and features a twist-to-open design. Replacement blades are available. 

Handle length: 3 inches

Made in Germany.

Product Reviews
Safety razor design got it right
<p>I started shaving with Gillette DE razors in the early 50s; butterfly and adjustable. Later I found a Ball End DE razor and used it 20 years 'till I lost it. As lightweight disposables were trendy, I went with them. With age, my sunburned skin was constantly irritated by the multi-blade scraping of a lightweight razor that needed more pressure as the blade dulled. A year ago I rebelled and bought the Merkur HD 34C razor; and, brush/soap/blades/etc. DE blades don't cost much so I change them after 4 or 5 shaves. The HD Merkur razor is GREAT! It's got the right heft. I say, draw the razor slowly over the face with only razor-weight, feeling the whiskers being cut. Once with the grain, once across the grain, and then touch-up. There you have it - a clean shave with 3 or 4 blade rubs versus up to 16 blade rubs with multi-blade modern razors. My rough old skin has healed and feels normal again. And, too, I've rediscovered the manly feel of shaving my face with a man's razor.</p>
Not for me
<p>I bought this based on the reviews. I tried my first shave with the Merkur blade that came with it and it was horrible. I found the short handle and weighting difficult to use and the shave inferior. I then tried a feather blade and it was really bad. Got a DE 89 razor and love it. I also use the futur and it performs much better then this. Just doesn't fit my hand or shaving technique.</p>
Just my size
<p>Of the five safty razor that I have,this is the best one. Not to say that my other Merkur razors are inferior, it's just that this model and my Merkur "Red Chunky" Razor #30 that I take with me traveling (friends get a kick about how funky it looks) are of the same caliber. It fits to my Vienna sausage fingers with ease. I have full control when shaving. If I were to give a razor to a future nephew who is comming of age, than this would be the one. He can get a Red Chunky on his own.</p>
Great Buy!
<p>After doing a ton of research and talking to different people I settled on the 34C HD and am so happy I did. Great razor all around!</p>
A solid razor
I haven't had much experience with razors but my Parker 96r was pretty terrible since I could tell the blade was uneven when set and as a beginner it made the shave pretty aggressive. I decided to switch to the Merkur and immediately I had much more confidence. The short handle gives me better feel/control and the razor itself seems to make the process easier. My only complaint is that I wish the handle had a little more knurled grip but this is definitely a 4.5 star razor.
After 30 years
After more than 30 years my Gillette adjustable butterfly broke. Ordered the 34c and while waiting for delivery i had to use a disposable (yuck) I wish I would have ordered this razor years ago. It gives a fantastic shave.
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