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The Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a gold finished 2-piece double edge razor. The comfortable handle is approximately 3" long and is designed with a thicker non-slip grip. This razor uses double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave. Replacement blades are available.

Made in Germany.

Product Reviews
This is my first DE. I wanted to experience the famed performance of the 34C but I wasn't too thrilled with the "industrial" look of it. So what did I do? Went with the 34G! It's fantastic. The gold plating is impeccable and makes the razor look anything but industrial - well worth the extra few bucks.

Like many others, I was at first skeptical of the short, stocky handle but I've come to love it - it just feels right. You can hold it right at the bottom of the handle so as not to apply any pressure to the head yet still maintain great control.

Because this is my first DE I cannot make any performance comparisons to other DE's. But what I can say is that I will never be going back to cartridge and disposable razors! My face (and wife) love the shaves I get from the 34G.
Perfect for a new shaver
I recently purchased this DE shaver. I knew this was a small shaver but I herd good things so I bought it. This is pretty small I have big hands. Big enough to palm a basketball. To my surprise the size was no problem. I had excellent control. Something I think would be harder to achieve with a bigger razor. The gold looks better in person than in the picture. I am very happy the picture does not to it justice. If you are thinking of buying this razor DO IT. You will not be disappointed
First Safety Razorr
Fast delivery, GREAT customer service! Always there to help before and after purchase. Great first razor! Just buy it. Very forgiving and easy to hold. Good weight not too heavy but still has weight to shave. Gold and still gold so far after 2 weeks no chipping of paint or rustin. Pair with any blade it will shave well. Sportin feather blades though. Also gave me some sample soaps and creams. Thanks WestCoastshaving you guys are awesome!
Great little shaver!
I received this razor about a week ago and have been using it since. It is small and I thought that would be a problem as I have rather large hands. Quite the contrary, I find easier to maneuver than a model with a 4" handle. Excellent shaver and a real good looker-gold finish is really well done.
this razor reminds me of old time barbershops. a 2-piece design. pretty heavy. choose the featherweight bakelite merkur model to take on long backpacking trips. other wise it's great for travel and home. has a good grip on the handle. a serious razor.
Merkur 34G
I got this razor recently and cannot say enough good things about it. Yeah, it's gold, but why not? Ha! Recommended highly!
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