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The Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor is a chrome finished 2-piece double edge razor. The comfortable handle is approximately 3.75" long and is designed with a non-slip grip. Longer and heavier than the 34C, it weighs over 4 oz. This razor uses double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave. The bar on this razor is slanted to provide a more agressive shave. Replacement blades are available.

Made in Germany.

Product Reviews
They call this thing the Sledgehammer for a reason!
Man, this thing is fun! First of all it is heavy. Very heavy which is a pretty cool feeling for a change. Let the weight do the work for you. I think I pressed down a little too much on the first shave and ended up a little raw, but it was also with a blade brand that I've never used before so I definitely don't blame this razor. Don't be scared of it though. It's not super aggressive and it doesn't "bite" as some people say. All I can say is that this thing is just cool. It takes what we all love about wet shaving and puts a little extra twist on it. Get it? Lol cheers and smooth shaving! P.s. I only give 4 stars bc this really isn't for everyone. It's big and heavy and a little aggressive and would be useless to those guys that don't have thick or coarse facial hair.
Great shave
<p>This was my best shave ever I have heavy beard growth but with sensitive skin this thing was awesome I did not find it too aggressive just pleasant all around highly recommend it.</p>
Absolutely wonderful shaves!
I borrowed my first slant bar?a Merkur 37c?and found it provided me with some of the closest shaves I've ever experienced. My preference is for larger, heftier razors so when it came came time to order my own, the 39c HD Long Handle Barber Pole Slant Bar was the ideal choice. One of the best decisions I've made with regards to shaving equipment! I get extremely close, comfortable shaves from the slant bar? no irritation, no nicks or cuts?just good prep and a light touch is all that is required. The razor is well-balanced. The long, textured handle fits my hand well and allows me to maintain a firm grip no matter how wet the process gets. I use this razor regularly, rotating it in with my other Merkur long-handle (38c). Great razor.
Not So Gret
I bought this razor with very high expectations based on its reputation and positive reviews. I have been wet-shaving for three years so I'm not a novice. I have been using the slant bar for a week now and I just can't get a good shave. Its leaves significant stubble and just does not feel smooth. I have used a Merkur Futur and a Muhle and would recommend either one over the slant bar, especially the Muhle!
Don't be afraid
Looks are deceiving. This is a great shaver. I have sensitive skin and a tough, thick beard. Good prep, a feather blade and the slant led to a nick free, comfortable irritation free shave. Proraso soap and pre shave oil and go slow, don't use any more pressure than the razor handles weight provides. Go slow and you will be amazed.
A unique razor that provides a great shave
Everything I ever heard about slant razors came true with this razor. I get a comfortable, extremely close shave that, because of the angle (slant) of the blade, slices through your beard more efficiently than a straight cut razor. This makes a great second razor, and as I've read a thousand times, you have to try it, you just have to try it to see what everyone is saying.
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