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Merkur Future Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor is chrome plated, with a satin finish. Merkur's patented fine adjustment system will give you optimum results. This high quality, heavyweight razor is 4 1/2" in length. For use with double edge blades.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Product Reviews
Misunderstood Masterpiece
<p>Either you love this razor or you don't - I'm firmly the former. With a good blade, nothing else has come close to the performance of this razor for me. Aggressiveness for those weekend-long beard growths or mildness for daily shaving when you want it - all in one razor. Either way it's amazingly efficient - often the first pass is a DFS. It does help to do some regular maintenance by taking it apart and cleaning it, lubing the adjustment screw threads (I use a Chapstick, believe it or not). At first it can be intimidating - even a little scary until you get the feel and angle. After that, it's smooth sailing and probably will become your favorite razor. Give it a shot. Finish and mechanics have held up perfectly for me for over a year (so far). The heft is great.</p>
<p>I DE shaved for 12 years and just returned to DE last week after shaving 42 years with cartridge blades. I bought the Merkur 41c 1904/1906 DE Razor and love it. Burt I wanted to try a more aggressive razor, so I bought the Futur based on your reviews. I love it. I shaved today on setting 3 and probably got the closest shave in my life. Practice changing blades since it is different, but this is the last razor for me. I cannot see any razor improving on this one! I can now try your variety pack of blades, and possibly fine tune things, but now the Merkur blade is doing a great job! Until I retried DE shaving after so many years I didn't know how great shaving can be!</p>
This continues to be a daily favorite. I like the adjustments - it really helps to hone in when changing blade brands. The weight for me is perfect. It has the heft to drop through my beard with little/no effort, making for a very comfortable shave. Agree with some of the other comments regarding the handle - nothing a little plasti-dip or friction tape can't hanlde... gotta pimp yer blade-hang'r, :)
Fine Razor
Best razor I've owned so far. With this razor a Feather blades I can get a really close shave in three passes. Gets very aggressive on #6 setting.
Over Rated
Got one today for Xmas in gold and I wouldn't dream of putting it to my face. Loose head and put a blade in. Blade loose as well. See ya Futur! I didn't even try to shave with it. Looked like trouble! Sending it back. Wish I would have got a good one. Reviews are good on this razor, quality control very marginal. My 38c works great, and I'll stick with it. Too many moving parts on the Futur.
Obviously high quality construction but did not meet expectations, especially considering the price. It's a really heavy razor, and tends to dig in even if you're concentrating on using a light touch; and its very hard to hold onto when it's wet, especially if you use pre-shave oil. It needs stippling or something on the handle. I'm heavy beard with kind of sensitive skin, particularly on lower neck, have used safety razors before, and used this razor for a month (on setting 1) with blades by merkur, Gillette, Astra, Lord, so it's not like I didn't give it a chance. I got nicked at least twice every day i used it, new blade or not. Gave it away and got a Parker 22R, which has not nicked me yet in 2 weeks!