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Merkur Future Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor is chrome plated, with a satin finish. Merkur's patented fine adjustment system will give you optimum results. This high quality, heavyweight razor is 4 1/2" in length. For use with double edge blades.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Product Reviews
Merkur or Merkur
After 4 years of using a Merkur 38c I purchased the Futur. I quickly learned NEVER to adjust the blade angle with wet hands, sliced my finger nicely, took days to heal. The shaver works well and i tend to leave it on 5 and seldom adjust it. Blade changes are easy. The shave is consistent. Thick Spanish beard shave 3-4 times a week. Merkur super platinum blades work best in this shaver. 2015-06-26
Fine shave indeed!
Roughly about 8 years ago I switched to a DE razor and the Futur was my first DE razor. I started off at a setting of 1 and eventually turned it all the way to max, exposing the blade as far as you can go. Gives an excellent shave and after a while I was able to shave very fast when in a hurry, only cutting myself twice that the last 8. It will always be one of my favorites.
Misunderstood Masterpiece
Either you love this razor or you don't - I'm firmly the former. With a good blade, nothing else has come close to the performance of this razor for me. Aggressiveness for those weekend-long beard growths or mildness for daily shaving when you want it - all in one razor. Either way it's amazingly efficient - often the first pass is a DFS. It does help to do some regular maintenance by taking it apart and cleaning it, lubing the adjustment screw threads (I use a Chapstick, believe it or not). At first it can be intimidating - even a little scary until you get the feel and angle. After that, it's smooth sailing and probably will become your favorite razor. Give it a shot. Finish and mechanics have held up perfectly for me for over a year (so far). The heft is great.
DE shaved for 12 years and just returned to DE last week after shaving 42 years with cartridge blades. I bought the Merkur 41c 1904/1906 DE Razor and love it. Burt I wanted to try a more aggressive razor, so I bought the Futur based on your reviews. I love it. I shaved today on setting 3 and probably got the closest shave in my life. Practice changing blades since it is different, but this is the last razor for me. I cannot see any razor improving on this one! I can now try your variety pack of blades, and possibly fine tune things, but now the Merkur blade is doing a great job! Until I retried DE shaving after so many years I didn't know how great shaving can be!
This continues to be a daily favorite. I like the adjustments - it really helps to hone in when changing blade brands. The weight for me is perfect. It has the heft to drop through my beard with little/no effort, making for a very comfortable shave. Agree with some of the other comments regarding the handle - nothing a little plasti-dip or friction tape can't hanlde... gotta pimp yer blade-hang'r, :)
Fine Razor
Best razor I've owned so far. With this razor a Feather blades I can get a really close shave in three passes. Gets very aggressive on #6 setting.
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