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The Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor is a chrome finished 2-piece double edge razor. The Progress allows you adjust the angle of the blade by simply twisting the base of the handle. This razor uses double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave. Replacement blades are available.

Made in Germany

Product Reviews
As spect!
My first safety razor was the Merkur 34C, and I upgraded to Merkur Progress!

Now I can setup the razor aggressiveness according to my face sensitiveness, like using level 1 or 2 on my neck and 3 to 5 on the rest of my face!

Very satisfied!
An awesome tool
I am still fairly new to wet shaving, but even i know that this is a superb razor. My first blade razor (used an electric before) was the Edwin Jagger DE89. I bought it because it was highly regarded as a beginner razor, but I'm afraid it will no longer be on my face after using this razor. Mine seems to like the Bic super chrome blades. If i had to nitpick one thing, it would be the finishing on the metal, a few rougher edges (not affecting the shave) that could have been polished off. Also the removable part of the head has an index mark on it, be sure to line that up with the arrow or your adjustment scale will not be accurate.
Good shave
I keep hearing of a common issue with the blade not lining up evenly on both sides. I noticed that issue right away. However, I discovered that if you grasp the blade with the thumb and forefinger at the edges and "pull" the blade all the way up into the curvature of the head and maintain that pressure as you install the head to the body, the blade lines up perfectly on both sides. Offset of either side is due to improper installation of the blade. Not everyone is mechanically minded like I am, so I think that if this issue were addressed with the instructions, you will find this to be a very good piece of machinery. As far as the person who reported flaking of the chrome, I would say, send it back and get a replacement. The only issue that I have with this razor is that it is difficult to get those two spots right under the nose. The head is a little too thick for that to be easy. Remedy, use your other hand and "lift" your nose and it works. A non adjustable has a thinner head and makes it much easier to get under the nose. It's a trade off. Personally, I love my Progress razor. Some parts of my face require a more aggressive angle and my neck likes a less aggressive angle. Some people may complain of the weight of this razor. Give it some time and you will come to enjoy the weight of it. I let the weight of the razor do the job instead of having to apply more pressure. OK, the gradient measurement may not be perfect from one model to the next, but once you figure out your razor, you won't have any problem. A good analogy: even an experienced motorcycle rider will find that they have to learn each and every bike differently. I say, buy it ! I have never, ever nicked or cut my skin with this razor. OK, sometimes an unforeseen whitehead pimple might get "sliced off", but that happens with any razor. I do not suggest this razor for ladies shaving their legs. Get her a mild angle non adjustable for that.
I've had reliable shaves for years using the Merkur classic, but I ordered the Progress to give me another shaving option for when I have more than about 3 days of beard growth (the classic razor can tug/pull when the beard is long). The Progress was uncomfortable and heavy to shave with. The way the shave head holds the razor allows the edge to flex too much as it cuts the whiskers--creating uncomfortable tug and pull....just what I was trying to avoid.
Great razor...great service from WCS
This is my second adjustable Merkur. I have the Futur and now this one. Except for the fact that the adjust knob is at the bottom and don't find my razor holders, this is a great razor. If you don't have an adjustable yet, this would be a great FIRST adjustable razor. Highly recomend the Merkur. And WCS you delivery speed was simply AMAZING. I ordered Friday afternon and received it Monday morning. Wow! Thank you guys!
Not the quality I expected
I ordered this razor after reading from several sources that it was one of the best (new) adjustables around. I've had 4 shaves with this razor and today while putting in a new blade I noticed a piece of metal on my hand. It's definitely chrome plating but I couldn't tell exactly where it came from. While inspecting the razor to try to find the source I noticed all the plating inconsistencies. The front guards have several rough spots where excess plating was not polished properly. Also, the blades do not line up properly. One side will be more aggressive than the other and sometimes the blade will even be crooked resulting in the blade being at a slight angle. Merkur insists that this is due to tolerances they have in place and that the shave would not be affected. I just wonder why I haven't heard of any other high-end razors having these same problems if it's such a common issue.
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