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The Merkur 43C is a new design and one of the heaviest safety razors made.  It uses the standard chrome plated fixed bar safety razor head.  The handle is stainless steel with a beautiful end cap which turns to release the head on this 2-piece razor.  This razor weighs in at 5.2oz and is about 4" in total length.  Fits all standard double edge blades.

Made in Germany.
Product Reviews
One Heavy Mothershaver !
Even by Merkur's very high standards this one stands out. Just had a shave with it (Astra super platinum blade) and closer than this would mean peeling off my epidermis ;-)
Great Razor!
I have been using an EJ de89l and a EJ Chatsworth. My wife bought me the Merkur 43c and it is absolutely the best shave I have ever had. The weight of the razor combined with Persona Red platinum blades just literally did the work of a three pass shave in just two. This is a great razor.
Best Merkur on the Market
I've used many DE razors over the past few years. When this Merkur 43c came in, the first thing you will notice is the weight of this bad boy. I had three day stubble waiting on the shipment to arrive and the 43c cut through it like butter. I had a smooth shave after just one pass. pair this with feather blades and this is my new morning routine.
This big boy does the trick
Get a workout and great shave all at once. Definately has heft. Good looking tool. 1/2 of First pass with the included Merkur blade. Pulled a bit. Switched out to a Bic. Much better. Draw back is the handle doesn't fit in my stand. Very pleased, it is what I expected.
This is the LAST razor that you will ever need!!! What a MARVELOUS shave!!! I got a beautiful, smooth, and close shave that I truly enjoyed - an aesthetic experience!!! I am just now returning to wet shaving after decades of those Fusions, Machs, etc., I WILL NEVER TURN BACK. The 43C, with its girth and length , is perfect for a big-handed guy like me!!! Those of you who are wondering about shaving your head with, well, I shaved my head with it - PERFECTION!!!
Excellent Razor!
I love it! The fit and finish on this are awesome, and I like the way the stainless steel subtly contrasts the chrome plated pieces. It shaves like a champ, too. It's got a longer handle than some, which is good for people with big hands, and the weight makes it glide through a beard. I would definitely recommend this razor!
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I'd appreciate a recommendation choosing between two Merkur safety razonrs: 43C and 44. Both are fairly new, aren't they? I can't tell what the difference between the two is. Maybe the 44 is newer? Can you recommend one over the other?
August 12, 2015 5:10 PM
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Both razors have been around for a while, but the 44 is a little newer. The 43C is a 2-piece stainless razor and has a good weight to it. The 44 is a 3-piece and the razor is lighter compared to the 43C.
kkish57673 August 12, 2015 5:43 PM