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A full size safety razor that breaks down and stores in a small leather case. Perfect for travel. There's even room for a few blades.

Made in Germany

Product Reviews
Better than my razors at home!
I'm writing this review while I search for a new razor for home. Why? because after three weeks away from home, I finally realized that I was getting a better, closer, and cutless shave from my travel razor with little to no effort. Meanwhile, my Merkur Progress and Muhle R89 at home leave me with cuts at least half the days of the week, and not as good of a shave. There is magic in this little four-piece travel razor, and it works quite well. Flip the base of the head upside down to travel with a blade installed. Other than that, there are no tricks to this thing. It just works!
For The Traveler!
<p>Lovely razor, great shave. Excellent Merkur quality, as expected. Compact, but DO take the gentleman's advice about reversing the shaving head in the case to protect the cutting edge of the blade! Also, just my opinion but, trash the included Merkur blade upon arrival! Install a Feather and you're good to go.</p>
I love my long-handle Merkur but was sorely disappointed with the travel razor. It simply wouldn't cut my beard. New blade, old blade, left side, right side, it never once worked.
Nice and compact
I can only compare this to my Merkur 34C. It is a bit lighter with a thinner handle and is more finicky as it is a four-piece travel razor. It shaves about the same as my 34C, and is nearly as comfortable. The leather case is MUCH improved after thorough application of leather dressing. It breaks down/packs into a tiny package. I noticed that it is easy to damage the edge of a loaded blade against the handle, but can avoid this by flipping the base of the head upside-down when in the case. Overall, I am very pleased with this razor.
Perfect for travel
Since I got into wet shaving, I've been searching for the smallest kit to travel with. This neat little razor fits the bill perfectly. I use the Simpson Case brush, La Toja or Tabac shave stick, and a little bottle of Castle Forbes after shave balm. I find this is a much better system than the Mach 3's and electrics I used to throw in my travel sack.
Perfect Travel Razor
Great little razor that does a fine job.Fits into it's little leather pouch (yes it's real leather - don't be fooled by the lining on the inside of the pouch as I saw someone say it wasn't leather, but it is) to make a neat size of about 2" square. Be careful not to store the smaller handle section with it's threads towards the threaded female end of the larger piece as it can screw itself together inside the handle and you will have a hard time unscrewing it. Love this little kit, I'm sure it will become a collectable of the future.
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