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Merkur Blades & Accesories Reviews
Quality blade ,probably use them
Quality blade ,probably use them longer than I should before changing blades,
Very nice blade....
Works on my face. And I was a little sceptical using this blade since it came with my Merkur Progress razor. A lot of the reviews are 50/50. But, I decided to give it a shot. Man, what a shave! I was really surprised on how well it cut through my whiskers (3 day growth) and gave me one of the closest shaves ever with just 2 passes and a quick touch up. Now 3 shaves in and still as good as a result as the first shave. Goes to show every face is different and hair types as well. My go to blades are Personna Reds, Polsilver Super iridiums and Astra Platinums. All 3 have one thing in common, they are sharp, smooth, and have great durability. So far this Merkur Super might find its way into my rotation. And it works just as well, if not better on my Merkur Futur as well. Split one in half and tried it on my Dovo Shavette and worked like a charm. Very nice blade. I'm impressed.
Merkur Safety Razr Blades
I haven't used them very long but thus far they are superior to my old mach three blades and razor. Sorry that I ever gave my safety razor up.
I like them, but it's
I like them, but it's up to individual preference
All their products are top motch
Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades
I have just switched to using a double-edged razor blade and while I am still getting used to the new feel, I can say that these blades are superior - they are extremely sharp and provide a great cut, especially on heavy whiskers like mine. I get about three shaves with each one, and at about 17 cents per shave - the cost of the blade - this is much less than the four and five blade cartridge razors. I use these blades in the Merkur Progress Long Handle Adjustable Razor, and have learned to use a setting of 1 and 1/2 and to take my time. Also, users should clean the blade and razor after each use, as that helps to get a better shave and enables the user to determine whether or not he needs a new blade.
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