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Merkur double edge safety razors are a household term among wet-shavers! These German-crafted shaving tools have become a standard in the industry. They are part of Dovo, who was founded in 1906. Merkur offers very interesting options and are far more expansive than many other safely razor companies. You can get a variety of head styles ranging from a straight safety bar, open comb, or slant bar. In addition to the heads, there are a variety of handles from 2 piece, 3 piece, and adjustable razors. They tend to have very good knurling on the handles, which is helpful when your hands are slippery. It is a great brand to explore if you have not found exactly the perfect tool for cutting those whisker and need to try another razor style, or if you are the kind of guy who just likes to change it up a bit sometimes.

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High Quality Product
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor I decided to give the Murker safety razors a try, so I bought the 34C heavy duty. I was impressed with the superior quality of this razor. This was definitely an upgrade for me. The razor does all the work as I didn't have to apply any pressure with my hand. Also, the razor didn't leave any razor burns at all. Plus the fact this razor is made from Germany says a lot about it's overall quality.
DE Safety Razor
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor Product in excellent condition and arrived as expected.
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar Almost as amazing as the smoothness of the shaves you can get with this razor is the near unanimity of these reviews: everyone gets a smooth and comfortable shave from it. The received wisdom warns us that slant-bar razors are the most aggressive of DE razors. That's why I bought this Merkur. Imagine my surprise when the 37C turned out the safest-feeling shave of all my razors--and also the closest! It gives the impression that that twist in its head brings part of the blade closer t o my skin yet bends the rest of the blade away from my skin, protecting it. Bottom line: I get the closest and smoothest shaves from my 37C, as well as the mildest. This is really the only razor I need to own. I keep some others because I get a kick out of using the different styles of safety razors. But the 37C is simply the best. Period. Now, given the uniformity of these reviews, can't we resolve this by acclamation?
Great razor
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor Great first razor. The handle is short but the knob on the end prevents the razor from slipping out of your hand.
Love this razor!
Merkur 39C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor, Slant Bar Why didn't I buy this razor years ago? I just completed my first shave with this razor. I have a very course beard with sensitive skin. This razor, with Merkur blades, went through 4 day beard like a hot knife going through butter. Only one minor nick. I highly recommend this razor
smooth and easy to use
Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor smooth operation and smooth shave.
The new Murkur 20 C
Merkur 20C Long Handle Black Double Edge Safety Razor (20011) I shaved once with the Murkur 20 C and I was amaze by the way it shaved it was very smooth . I recomented this razor to any who is starting out for the first time.
Merkur 180/23C
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor This is my first safety razor. While I can't compare it to other safety razors, I can comment on the product itself. It's extremely well made and the chrome plating is perfect. I especially like the knurling since it saved the razor many times from slipping. That makes it great for use in the shower.

Blade alignment is perfect, and it's definitely on the mild side. You may want something more aggressive if you find yourself going over too many passes.

Although it's called a "long handled razor," the handle is also slimmer than other safety razors I've seen. I think it makes it good for small and large hands alike!

I also converted my dad and my sister to DE razors after I let them try it, so I suppose either DE razors or this one in particular is great for converting folks to wetshaving :)
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