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Merkur razors were the very first DE's that we carried over here at West Coast Shaving. They are an industry go-to and have set the bar for many other brands. For this reason, we have repeatedly recommend them and repeatedly sold them! The wide array of types of heads ranging from safety bars, open comb, adjustables, and slant bars have made them desirable by many. They do a great job with making those handles grippy. Yes, that razor is not going ot slip in your had with that significant "industrial" feeling knurling. A true favorite safety razor brand with our customers.

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Merkur Safety Razors Reviews
My favorite razor
I have a very large razor collection & tried almost all of them.

There is something very special about this little guy. It gives the perfect shave every time. Also very versatile with any blade. Merkur has the best open comb head I've tried. If I had to buy and use only one razor, this would be my pick most definitely.
It's a great razor. Nice
It's a great razor. Nice balance between weight and control.
Gold is the way to go
Still getting the hang of this razor. I'm still fairly new to DE shaving. My first razor was a Merkur 23C LONG, so the shortness and weight of the 34G is taking some getting used to. The finish is bar none exceptional and I'm looking forward to seeing it age as I age (no rush though).
Nice razor
The razor has a real nice weight as well as I really like the length. Still working on my shave routine to try to get a closer shave.
Great razor
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant BarJust wish it was a little longer for larger hands
Merkur 33C Classic Safety RazorThis is a fantastic razor. I have tried a number of them, but this has to be the best I have tried. It is easy to hold due to the textured grip. Well worth it's price, and your time.
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