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Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap

You've probably never stopped to examine the hands of a sheep-shearer and exclaim over their exceptional softness. (We're just guessing, here.) However, if you had, you probably would have found the same thing English chemist Fred Mitchell found: Indeed, sheap-shearers do have surprisingly soft and healthy skin. The secret's in the wool fat - specifically, the lanolin content - and to get the same results, you could either get shearing, or you could try Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap. For over eighty years, their totally natural, gentle soaps have been providing relief for all kinds of skin ailments, from ordinary dryness and sensitivity to more troublesome complaints. Free of unnatural additives and preservatives, and never tested on animals, Mitchell'sproducts are the simple choice for naturally moisturized skin.

Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Grooming Products
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Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Reviews
Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soup Refill
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill "Very pleased with the shaving soap. The soap has a fresh smell, protects skin, and lubricates well. Have tried different shaving soaps and like this one especially.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 150g "I use both liquid and hard bath soaps but of the hard soaps MWF is the standout. A light clean scent and very moisturizing. And long lasting I might add.
great service
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 150g "got great service

i bought two bars of soap. the smell was not to my liking, but gave it to my mother. she loved both the smell and the quality of the soap.
My husband loves the great
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill "My husband loves the great lather
first time use
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill "I found it reasonable priced, and works up a good lather with the brush. I will buy it again. Also, not overly fragrant, which I like.
Great Bath Soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 150g "Gotta agree with Ed_Pinaud, Dr Robert must have an over-sensitive nose. This soap has less aroma than Ivory Snow. Very mild smell, lathers like a champion just like it's big brother the shaving soap. Perfect size for my hands.
Terrific Soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap with Ceramic Bowl "I have now been using MWF for about three weeks now. It is the best I have used so far. Does everything well. It is easy to apply to the brush and lathers up immediately with a full wet lather. Cushioning and moisture are good. I have tried both bowl lathering and face lathering and it performs well either way. Looks like it is going to last a long while. Just don't think it could be any better.
Wake up sheeple.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shampoo, 300ml "I've always had a lot of trouble with a sensitive skin, and I've found that Mitchell's products are excellent for me. The shampoo is great on my very picky scalp. It has only seven ingredients including water, lanolin, and salt. When I compare the ingredient list to that of shampoos I had been using before, I shudder. It's very gentle, and the lanolin makes it so conditioner is unnecessary. Your mileage may vary, but for me this stuff is magic.
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