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Check out how good this beast looks. Really look at it. The white handle and the chrome accents look phenomenal. It has a nice traditional vibe to it along with a modern style and technology behind it. The new 2013 head design is one to love as well. Just imagine how nice it would look sitting in a stand on your counter. It helps you to get your facial hair under control, and it adds a nice aesthetic touch to your bathroom. If you've been trying to find the perfect option for your next wet shave razor, the Muhle R107 Double Edge Safety Razor you see here might just be the perfect choice.

The model is available in two versions ' open comb and closed comb. This means that it can work well for different types of beard growths. Some might want some stubble, for example, so they can have that perpetual, unshaved, and rough look. You have your own preferences when it comes to getting a good shave, but you'll find that this razor can work well for many different people. They are great for your own use, and they can be great gifts as well.

Length: 3.7 inches

Weight: 61 grams

Made in Germany.