Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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So, why are you here looking at some traditional safety razors today? Let's see, were you recently out to dinner when someone came up to you and wanted an autograph? Did they think you were part of ZZ Top? Did someone throw some change in your coffee cup thinking that your 'facial dishevelment' must mean you were down on your luck? Maybe you just wanted to start wet shaving in the traditional manner. Regardless of the reason, you are in the right place for quality shaving tools, and you really can't go wrong with the Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor.

This item has a learning curve, just as all safety razors do, but it does come with a short instructional piece. Really, it is not overly difficult to use, and you will be shaving like a pro in no time flat. You'll have one of the best shaves of your life too. It's not only about how well it works though. This piece actually looks good, and you will be proud to have it on your shelf. Keep in mind that this comes with just one blade though, so you might want to pick up some extra while you are here.

Overall length: 94 mm
Diameter of handle: 12.5 mm

Weight: 60g

Made in Germany.

Product Reviews
Best Investment Ever !
After much self debate to give this a shot, this was my first DE ever after 20+ years of Mach 3's. Its been about 5 months now on this razor and I can safely say it was worth every penny. Not only am I saving tons of money on blades, but my shave is as close if not better than before. Plus this razor is holding up very well and looks like a nice piece of bathroom decor. Great investment, great razor, and worth giving a go if you want a great shave at a great price.
First DE razor
Bought the Muhle R89 last month after reading many reviews. I normally shave with a straight and finish off with my Muhle. I have never had a bad shave with this razor. I've tried with several types of blades and have always gotten BBW smooth without tearing up my face. The quality was outstanding and worth the extra money. I would recommend this razor to anyone and everyone. Also, West Coast had it to me in 3 days time. Excellent. I am a West Coast customer for life.
Muhle R89
I've owned this razor for almost a year now, and I must say, I am in love. The Muhle R89 has a nice handle and weight to it. It rinses off easily yet does not slide out of my hand. The handle has a shallow engraving, but does not interfere with its performance. I am also impressed with the material it was built out of. I have hard water here in my humble home, so I thought the razor would be ruined within weeks. To this day, there are no signs of corrosion or damage. This is a great razor for experienced shavers and new DE shavers alike. And, as always, WCS was quick and prompt with shipping/delivery.
A Work of Art
I bought the rose gold version of this at The Art of Shaving as my first DE razor. My purchase was slightly impulsive, but was a reaction to growing tired of the high price of cartridge blades. Not knowing anything about DE razors, I bought this blade due to its beauty and craftsmanship. If anything, I could use it as counter art. Luckily, I could not be happier with this razor and it has really opened my eyes to the wet shaving experience! In only a few shaves, I have been able to get a baby-smooth-face without tearing up my skin. With so many options in DE razors I will eventually try other brands and styles, but I know I'll keep this razor until I can pass it down to my son or grandson due to its beauty and the fact that it simply just works.
A really great razor
I ordered this as someone new to DE shaving and looking at online review and recommendations. The most commonly recommended/mild razors for people starting out were the Edwin Jagger de89 series (this razor has the exact same head, I believe) and Merkur, with more votes for the EJ. I bought this as I wanted the grippiest handle, so it was either this or the EJ barleycorn (?). Regarding the handle, if my hands are soapy, it is slippery despite the pattern (I suspect that any razor would be with enough soap). All I need to do is wiggle my fingers in the sink with some soapy water, and with that reduction in soap it then feels compleety secure. No need for alum or towels or anything complex. It shaves wonderfully, and after 2 days of trying it out I could generally shave my face without any nicks/cuts unless I pressed on it/used poor technique or went over a skin bump. I feel that it is quite forgiving of my beginning technique. It's also a work of art, and I admire its appearance from time to time. If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy this on e in a heartbeat. Then again, I don't have any reference other than cartridges (burned my face more with a worse shave and much more expensive) or electrics (even wet/dry - an even worse shave, terrible under my neck, and noisy). If you've never tried DE shaving, this razor with a good lather changes it from being a chore to something I enjoy, kind of like a hobby. For a few more minutes in the morning, it's WELL worth it. I don't plan on switching back ever, and my understanding is that over the coming months my shaves will only get better and better (and they have so far).
First Time With A DE!!
I?ve been shaving with Gillette Cartridge Razors for about 20 years. I tried electrics with no success. My wife and I stumbled into The Art of Shaving, in the mall, one night before a movie. I was smitten! The shaving brushes, oils and creams. It was awesome. I fell in love with the look of the safety razors too. I had to have one. For the past month or so, I?ve been looking and researching to find my first DE Razor. I chose the Muhle R89 Grande to start. After two days of anticipation, it came in the mail? Today!! I was so excited; I waited outside for our mail carrier. When he pulled up and handed me the package, I ran inside jumping for joy. After calming down from all the excitement, I ripped into the box and pulled out my razor and watched it glisten in wonderment. OFF TO THE BATHROOM!!. After prepping, I put on a new Feather blade and lathered up. I was surprised with the lack of sensation when I pulled it across my skin. It felt so much different than a cartridge razor. I made a couple of passes with only a few incidents. I had a little trouble under my jaw line on the right side. I figured things went pretty well for my first run with this amazing instrument. Overall, I?m very excited about my experience and look forward to shaving again soon. It?s a good feeling to look forward to shaving. Thank you West Coast Shaving. The shipping was super-fast and I can?t wait to order something else.