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So, why are you here looking at some traditional safety razors today? Let's see, were you recently out to dinner when someone came up to you and wanted an autograph? Did they think you were part of ZZ Top? Did someone throw some change in your coffee cup thinking that your 'facial dishevelment' must mean you were down on your luck? Maybe you just wanted to start wet shaving in the traditional manner. Regardless of the reason, you are in the right place for quality shaving tools, and you really can't go wrong with the Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor.

This item has a learning curve, just as all safety razors do, but it does come with a short instructional piece. Really, it is not overly difficult to use, and you will be shaving like a pro in no time flat. You'll have one of the best shaves of your life too. It's not only about how well it works though. This piece actually looks good, and you will be proud to have it on your shelf. Keep in mind that this comes with just one blade though, so you might want to pick up some extra while you are here.

Overall length: 94 mm
Diameter of handle: 12.5 mm

Weight: 60g

Made in Germany.

Product Reviews
Just Do it
I am one of those guys who got sick of spending over $15.00 for a few blades. I saw some old double edged safety razor blades in the local stores but I couldn't find the razors to go with them in over a year of looking or them So I decided to try online a few weeks ago.

Because I knew nothing at all about safety razors I spent a several hours looking at this site and reading reviews before deciding to get the Muhle R89 based mostly on the reviews and a short chat with Christina.

I ended up buying 100 Gillette silver blue blades to go with it. because I remembered my Dad used that brand back when I as a child. So I figured that they had to be good.

Anyway, I was more than a little nervous about getting cut the first time I used my razor, but I made it though that shave with no cuts, nicks, or blood, and still had a good shave except for a few hard to get spots. As I have gotten more familiar with my new tool the shaves get better and I actually look forward to shaving now. I wish I had known about Safety Razors still being available years ago because they are a much better option, and a huge money saver.

If you are tired of getting ripped off and considering switching I say quit thinking about it, and just do it.
Highly recommended!
Like one of the other reviews, I purchased this from a The Art of Shaving store in a local mall (except I bought the all chrome version, though the rose gold has a beautiful finish too). I'd been wanting to get further into the world of wet shaving for a while, and had been using a pure badger brush and cream for over a year with my disposable (and over-priced) Mach 3 blades. This DE razor is like a Ferrari compared to my lemon Mach 3. The shave is noticeably smoother through all 3 passes, and I can usually go 2 days before I have to shave again. Works especially well with pre-shave oil, as you can literally feel your skin being suctioned against the razor for a uniform and more thorough shave. Just be sure to remember the razor weighs more for a reason - let it do the work! So far I've used the Gillette blades, but I'm looking forward to trying others. While I hope one day to own and become skilled with a straight razor, I'd highly recommend this as a first DE razor!
Very forgiving shave. Excellent quality
This is almost identical to the Edwin Jagger DE89 and the head is made by Muehle on both models. I have had mine for years and it is a smooth and forgiving shave. If you have one and want to upgrade to something more aggressive and adjustable the Merkur Futur is my favorite for ease of cleaning, drying your blade after each shave to prolong blade life (sharpness) and also has near perfect balance. Westcoast also sells that one. Excellent store with great service.
Best Investment Ever !
After much self debate to give this a shot, this was my first DE ever after 20+ years of Mach 3's. Its been about 5 months now on this razor and I can safely say it was worth every penny. Not only am I saving tons of money on blades, but my shave is as close if not better than before. Plus this razor is holding up very well and looks like a nice piece of bathroom decor. Great investment, great razor, and worth giving a go if you want a great shave at a great price.
First DE razor
Bought the Muhle R89 last month after reading many reviews. I normally shave with a straight and finish off with my Muhle. I have never had a bad shave with this razor. I've tried with several types of blades and have always gotten BBW smooth without tearing up my face. The quality was outstanding and worth the extra money. I would recommend this razor to anyone and everyone. Also, West Coast had it to me in 3 days time. Excellent. I am a West Coast customer for life.
Muhle R89
I've owned this razor for almost a year now, and I must say, I am in love. The Muhle R89 has a nice handle and weight to it. It rinses off easily yet does not slide out of my hand. The handle has a shallow engraving, but does not interfere with its performance. I am also impressed with the material it was built out of. I have hard water here in my humble home, so I thought the razor would be ruined within weeks. To this day, there are no signs of corrosion or damage. This is a great razor for experienced shavers and new DE shavers alike. And, as always, WCS was quick and prompt with shipping/delivery.
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