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Muhle Safety Razors

Muhle or Muehle, either way their double edge razors are outstanding. While they share a head with the Edwin Jaggers, their handles are completely unique and offer a particular feel to them that screams quality. The R89 and R41 are hugely popular with their GRANDE razors catching up lately. To balance the longer handle, they have a little more metal in the head compared to others. Made in Germany, you can expect a luxury razor, presented equally nice. These are all moderate on the aggressiveness scale, letting you adapt the level with your blade of choice. If you want something truly unique, take a look at their Rosegold options. We've never seen anything like them in all our years of serving the classic shaving market.

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Muhle Safety Razors Reviews
Great razor
Muhle R107 Double Edge Safety Razor "The Muhle razor has a shorter handle than my other razor but the shave it gives is a lot better. It is a great razor I am glad that I purchased it.
Too aggressive
Muhle R41 GRANDE Double Edge Safety Razor "I used a murker slant for 15 years and this is much harder to use. If you can shave with ZERO pressure it is ok. I also bought the 89 and love the looks of it but it is slightly too unaggressive. Best shave for money is the 23C however every now and then I try the 41. just difficult to use. 89 couldn??t be any easier..
Looks nice
Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor "switched from Merkur 23C bought 41&89 the 23C is in between these. The 41 is too aggressive and the 89 a little too unaggressive. I like the 89 but if cost is a factor the 23C can??t be beat in my opinion. I wanted a prettier razor and it is that.
Good for legs and armpits
Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor Good for legs and armpits too.
Don r
Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor I think this shaver is a great tool light and nimble fine workmanship
If you're careful, you will love it
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb If you are coming from plastic razor land, there will be blood! If you treat it as a new experience and let the razor do it's job, you will be rewarded with a shave closer than you have, most likely, ever had. In my opinion, ans contrary to intuition, this razor works best with the sharpest blade you can find (Feather). No pressure, good prep and high quality soap or cream and a three pass would probably be good for two days for most folks.

I've only given it 3 bars for value because it is fairly expense and the handle is nothing to write home about. Buy one of the new WCS "classic" stainless handles to pair with this head. It makes it much easier to control.
Pretty pretty pretty good
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb Like the weight and feel of this razor. The handle leaves something to be desired, could be more aggressively textured.
What a treat!
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb, Rosegold I have enjoyed the Muhle R89 closed comb safety razor for about three years. I really like it. I could never shake the itch to try the companion R41 in an open comb configuration. It is really sweet. I hate to say it, but I won??t be using the R89 quite as much anymore, and probably relegate it to my travel razor.

It is true that the open comb is a bit more aggressive, but don??t let that scare you. It??s not that bad. Stick to the basics with short strokes at the correct angle and you??ll enjoy an incredibly close shave.
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