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We are always trying new products and listening to customer feedback so we can stock the latest and greatest men's grooming supplies. Often times that hit shaving product is actually very old, only just recently discovered, with limited distribution in the US. We work very hard to find those hard to find items and make them easy for you to order. Or it might be the newest artisan soap maker making waves in cyberspace that we are excited to share with you. This is the place to check it out.

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Super soft
I went from a starter brush in a art of shave kit to this one....and dammmnn was it like the light came on!!! It was super soft, it had great water retention. This brush along with my fine Bowl whipped up some good stuff!!! Super happy...i would recommend it to my friends!!
Great brush, especially for the price.
This WCS Brush performs very well. And the price is great!
Massive and Nice
Comparing this to the best seller here on this site from Omega it is a quality product hands down. The handle is nice and big and the hair is just the right length. The only down side of this brush is the color. It is not great ,but is definitely unique and it only comes in the one color. This is a bold move by WCS because it's not a standard color scheme and is very off putting if you are try to keep a certain look through your shaving essentials, on top of it is in the line up of first brushes they have released. In the future I would love to see other color options or even limited time color options that really stand out on a fantastic brush. Most of us end up collecting brushes and specific razors anyways...its hard to have just one awesome thing.
Awesome sample pack
This sample pack is the perfect way to try a variety of aftershaves. I have been wanting to try some of these aftershaves for a while now, but wasn't ready to make the investment and buy a bunch of whole bottles at once. With this sample pack, I get to try six different varieties for the price of one. I have to warn you though, this diverse bunch can make it difficult to pick a favorite!
Trust Me On This, Very Good Brush
This is my first review on West Coast Shaving though I'm a long time customer. Trust me on this. This is a very good brush for the money.

I'm an old guy. I've been shaving a long time. I have used boar brushes, I like badger, I have some silvertip brushes, but for some reason I reach for pure badger most of the time. If you are the same, I think you will like this brush. The handle fits the hand well, easy to hold and comfortable, and "loaded" with badger hair is an apt description.

Simply put, you will be paying for brush, and it's an excellent brush for the money.
Unique and great smell
I went to West Coast Shaving today to smell several soaps. One was Catie's Bubbles "Le Piment da la Vie", and it smelled great! However the sales rep opened "Connecticut Shade" and I became interested. We talked and then I smelled it again and I knew I had a new "favorite" soap. This smells like nothing else. I have smelled severe a hundred cologne's and many cremes and Soaps but this is truly unique. I though nothing would topple B&M Seville off the top of my rotation but this one did.

Of course it is a Catie's Bubbles product so it lathers well and shaves great.
Great soap smells so Good
Great soap smells so Good I could eat it
Great Scent
I have had many compliments on the scent.
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