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We are always trying new products and listening to customer feedback so we can stock the latest and greatest men's grooming supplies. Often times that hit shaving product is actually very old, only just recently discovered, with limited distribution in the US. We work very hard to find those hard to find items and make them easy for you to order. Or it might be the newest artisan soap maker making waves in cyberspace that we are excited to share with you. This is the place to check it out.

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Nice variety! You get a
Nice variety! You get a chance to see what you like.
Lathers well and smells even better
Bought this soap on an impulse as I like soaps that come in their own container, but was very impressed with the quality of lather and the wonderful smell. I face lather and if you use too much water you will get the thin foam described in one review. Use the proper amount of water and you will be rewarded with an excellent lather. Still there are many fine lathering soaps and creams. Buy this one for the smell.
Glad to give it a swirl
Bought this razor for my wife. She is new to safety razors. She likes it.
Pretty heavy
I was tired of my Merkur Future slipping from my fingers in the shower, so I got this. I like it. I don't love it. I wish the handle were 1/2 inch longer and the diameter were between this and the 78S. No trouble gripping, but too heavy to have a good feel. You know how a car's steering is a compromise between nimbleness and stability? This large diameter is not nimble enough.

The Futur is beautiful; the 175S is utilitarian. I bought the Futur after remodelling my bathroom.

You can rest the razor on the end of the head and the end of the handle, so the blade is vertical. That is because the end of the head is pretty flat.
Good Variety but Packaging Needs Work
I like the different, out of the norm, scents of the soaps. The only real issue I am having is they are kind of hard to bloom and are very hard to load a brush with because of the container they come in. It has a very small opening. A travel brush may work better, but I do not have one. It takes a long time to get the amount of soap loaded vs the amount of water you may have in the brush or soaked up into the water during blooming. If the opening could be increased by 25%, it would be easier to get a good lather built to really get an idea of how well these soaps work.
Excellent product trac ll forever
I really am so glad I brought this razor excellent product the last razor all ever buy for a while I was using the coloionial conk handle its a great handle but I really think this handle works so much better I love the weight I love how it fells in your hands while your shaving the one I brought doesn't have the 3 black bands at the end of the razor but it works really great it shaves so much better then any safety razor u can buy I had a safety razor for 2 years then it broke so now I'm using this excellent product and I just love it I'd recommend someone to buy one instead of your all the 3 4 5 blade razors theses days that are all junk invest in one of these it's worth every penny I paid for this razor can last a lifetime and u can pass it on to your kids or grand kids this is the best razor I have ever used and I just buy personna twin blade razors and it shaves excellent please buy this amazing razor youl love it I sure do
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